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Old Patrick Dreams - pt 2

Reunion Dream:

This one depressed me. It depressed me so much that it took months for me to write it down. I knew I’d never forget it, so I waited to record it. I had this dream first though, at a time when it still hadn’t sunk in that Patrick was coming incognito as Neil. He came as Neil b/c in that ‘tent/battle dream’ he scared me to death. Lol! (I think he comes as Neil most of the time now b/c I’m comfortable with that image. I guess it’s Patrick’s “safe” way of visiting me in dreamstate. And I have been told that Patrick’s energy is very “thick” and “intense” and “intimidating,” but that he’s really a gentle soul – or he was in his past life until it was time for battle. And I, too, believe his energy is very intense b/c I think I’ve felt it firsthand. In fact, I felt it so strongly in my room once that I slept in the guestroom for an entire week. Lol! Of course, idiot me didn’t even ponder at the time that it could have been him).

But back to the dream....

I was waiting for “Neil” inside some old fashioned building. I was standing by the fireplace, waiting for him to show up. The room was pretty bare, and the fireplace was an ‘open-air’ concept and made of stone. Instead of the backside of the fireplace resting against a wall, only one edge was flushed against the wall. One side of it faced the front door and the other the room. I always thought that strange but Mom tells me that that would have been common in Renaissance times – for ventilation I guess? (Years later I saw the exact same kind of fireplace on some Hallmark version of Little House on the Prairie of all things. This was a cabin in my dream, mind you, and it did remind me of a Pioneer cabin, only... Patrick isn't from that time so that confuses me).

But I was waiting for him on the other side of the fireplace when Neil (possibly Patrick) BURST through the door with the WIDEST GRIN! We were both grinning like crazy, and even when he kissed me I remember thinking how lucky I was. I cannot even begin to describe how elatedly happy we both felt and how SURE we were that we had each found the right person. We were so happy we were actually GIDDY. Our excitement just could not be contained. I even remember thinking in the dream that a lot of outside forces (people he and I both knew) didn’t want us to be together, but that we had both finally decided that very day – “Well to Hell with them and what THEY want!”  All we wanted was to be happy, together, and on our own terms. A lot of this dream was very quiet and serene though. Even more than when he burst inside, I remember standing by a lit fireplace, alone and waiting for him to arrive. I even remember him kissing me in front of this fireplace, and everything was so QUIET and peaceful.

But I cannot begin to describe how STRONG our feelings for each other were. I don’t think “Love” is even a powerful enough word. Honestly, I think "love" is a puney word to describe the feelings in this dream. I don’t think the word even exists in our vocabulary to describe those feelings. You have to feel them for yourself to comprehend the force of it.


Dream about Patrick's horse:Photobucket

- After my friend did a reading one night, the next morning I was wondering if Patrick’s horse ever had a name. I even voiced my question out loud. (Don’t ask me why I was so curious about such a trivial thing as his horse’s name. LOL! I just wanted to know, as this white horse seems to be very important to Patrick. I see it in a lot of my dreams with him, and a white horse is always in tarot readings on him). I went back to sleep that morning, but woke with the memory of a dream of seeing a large piece of old parchment with torn edges. It said “Hooker” on it, and then went into describing the type of horse it was. It was like reading a definition in the dictionary really fast, but all I remembered reading was “Dapple Mare.”

Well, when I woke up I thought “Hooker” was a strange name for a pet, but I looked it up anyway. I found out that it had Old English/Irish origins and was coined by the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. I then looked up pictures of dapple mares, and they do look like Patrick’s horse. I always thought of it as a white horse, but on the internet even the dapple grey mares look white to me. So maybe he really was trying to answer my question through that dream. Also, in that dream the information was coming in FAST... which is common for spirit communication.

And this is a little interesting –
Two days after that dream, my Mom was looking at computer desks on the internet when one of the desks she was seriously looking at went by the brand name "Hooker." LOL! My friend told me she thought that that was confirmation for my dream. That it was Patrick’s way of forcing me to pay attention and to stop second-guessing my dream.

- The morning I had the dream about the name of Patrick’s horse, my friend dreamt about a white horse that night as well.


Another Hugging Dream:

Last night I was WIRED and couldn’t sleep at all, so I decided to peruse my dream journals. I stumbled across a dream entry from 2002. I’m thinking Patrick was “incognito” in that dream. I’m so glad I wrote this dream down. I do remember writing it down b/c it really stuck with me and depressed me, which I thought unusual.
The dream I'll type below -

I had the dumbest/emotional dream this morning. (Tossed and turned all night TRYING to sleep). It sounds dumb, but this dream had NX’s ‘Chris in the Morning’ in it. In the dream I knew he had to end up with Maggie, but the trouble was that I loved him more. And, to my surprise, he felt the same. But we both knew that he had to end up with Maggie anyway – like in the tv show. We never said how we felt about each other outwardly. We each knew by a mere hug. A very long hug. I remember giving him just this simple “See ya” hug, but feeling very sad. I mean, in this dream…. I was sooo in love. But as I hugged him, he hugged me back. And he would not let go of me! He just kept on holding me tight, and that’s when I felt so keenly that he had feelings for me as well. It was so terrible! Terrible because we didn’t have a choice. We couldn’t be together. Then, later in the dream, I was crying so hard about it in front of some friend – but not telling her why I was so upset. (She was a little upset about something, too). Anyway, it sounds dumb but the feelings I felt for him… and the feelings I felt coming from him…. were so real. Guess this was your typical ‘I’m lonely’ dream. That’s it – an ‘I’m lonely. Please hug me’ dream. :o(

End dream.

But then... in the same entry at the very end… what did I write down but this ---

"I’ve also been wondering very much lately about whom the Knight is exactly – the ghost I saw when 7 years old. I’m so curious to discover the truth. He is real. Very real, though I’ve only seen him the one time."

Okay, so in this dream Chris/Patrick was just hugging me. Well… in that ‘staring into my soul’ dream he did the exact same thing. Just held me close. Also, in both dreams he never spoke a word. (Which I hear is normal for spirits as they communicate telepathically). Also, I was wondering about 'the ghost/knight' at the time that I had the above dream. So I guess Patrick knew I was wondering who he was again, so he came to me in my dream.


Dream with my mother:
- I brushed this dream off for a few days before taking it seriously. I dreamt that my grandma was visiting us at our house, and that my mother was telling her about Patrick. She told Grandma that Patrick told her that he was going to have a profound influence on my life.


It's in his Kiss dream and coincidence:

- Back in high school I was crazy in love with New Kid on the Block Member Jordan Knight. Lol! I had this dream where I was studying with him in my room, but grew really tired so I turned off the light. Jordan (who I now think was really Patrick) knelt on the floor at the side of the bed and kissed me. It was just 2 sweet little kisses. The kiss actually woke me up, and when I opened my eyes EVERYTHING in my room looked EXACTLY like it did in my dream. I was even lying in the EXACT same position that I was in my dream; on my right side, and at the right hand side of my bed. Also… and this is very strange… in the dream I knew that “Jordan” and mine’s relationship was FORBIDDEN by outside forces. We were only friends, but not b/c that was what WE wanted. It was what EVERYONE ELSE wanted. There was also a huge age gap b/w us in this dream. But I was so surprised when this echoed my friend’s second reading on Patrick to a T! And I find it a little funny that Patrick… a WARRIOR… came as Jordan KNIGHT in that dream. Lol! I guess some truths are in the details. It didn't feel like a regular dream.

- A few weeks ago I was wondering if the dream above was Patrick incognito, or not. Well - at work that Friday, the teacher across the hall kept BLASTING the oldies song “It’s in his Kiss” during class changes. She played it over and over and over and over again. I was so sick of it by mid-morning.

When I got home I was doing an internet search for Animaniacs and Tiny Toons cartoon clips (which is strange for me since I never watch tv) when I came across that same song! The characters from Tiny Toons - which just happen to be RABBITS - were singing it! (If you've read my sites before, you'll know why this is important).

OMG! I just saw that someone replied on the video, and they mentioned the "Phantom of the Opera" reference. I watched the video and yep... at the end the rabbit has on a phantom mask! (POTO is also relevant here, if you know anything about Patrick).


Radio & Television
- That same night of the “It’s in His Kiss” coincidences, I dreamt something silly. I was talking to Mom about how I never get good reception on AM radio stations anymore. In this dream Mom told me that she thought it was b/c I wasn’t ignoring Patrick so much anymore and it was his energy that was messing with the radio stations. Lol!
Anyway, the next morning I turned on the tv in the guestroom. It was on the travel channel and another ghost show was on. They were talking about King Henry/Jane Seymour and how he was much older than her. It then said that King Henry called her “his rose without a thorn.”

Well…. What did Mom/Patrick write in that automatic writing but --- “You were the flower. I was the thorn.”

So that’s several coincidences for the same weekend – The song and the flower/thorn mention. Also the age gap.


Stars & Swans Dream:Photobucket

A long time ago I had this dream that my mother, father and myself were at some huge, fancy palace with marble floors. We were at a ball, and I did NOT want to be there. I wanted to get away from all the noise and people, so I stepped outside for a moment to be by myself. (In real life I am a very introspective and private person anyway, and feel very out of place in this time). When I was outside I was alone in a courtyard. It was very landscaped and PERFECT. It was nighttime and the sky was a very serene, beautiful blue and lots of stars were out. There was a white, domed glass building glowing in the distance. But in front of me, on both sides, were two huge square/concrete ‘pools’ if-you-will; not for swimming, and I think they had little fountains inside them. These two pools/fountains were filled with swans.
This dream always stuck with me b/c the colors and everything in the courtyard/the sky were so soothing and serene. And I knew it couldn’t have been a dream about a past life because my parents were in it. But I now think that that was a dream Patrick formulated himself – b/c of the white swans and b/c it was such a peaceful dream. I think that was his gift to me. And again, the night sky and everything was so serene and perfect. Lots of stars.


Computer Phenomena:

(Just FYI: On the exact same night my friend and I both had strange things - Patrick related - happen over the computer, and then I had this dream)

I kept dreaming that I was reading messages on the computer to me. It was like reading one of my guestbooks to my websites, and one or more of the posts were talking about Patrick. One of them even said "Love ya, Patrick." But at the same time I knew that that wasn’t Patrick himself that typed it, but someone else. (I think it was a way to let me know that my friend was sending his messages to me FOR HIM over the computer; hence my dream that night and what happened to her that same night with msn). I dreamt about reading these messages nearly all night long. Every single time I woke up, I was thinking of that computer screen that I was STILL dreaming about. Lol! So when my friend told me about her own experiences over the computer the next morning, I was amazed.


Lady Ghost Dream:

(This I’ll just copy and paste – for the most part - as I sent it to my friend. I was definitely brainstorming on this one, so bear with me)

- I had a really strange dream once where I saw a woman dressed in a long blue dress, wringing her hands when walking around a pool as she was looking for her lost children.

(Note: I had forgotten when I dreamt that that my aunt and a psychic had told me that Patrick kept saying something about losing children).

This lady crying for her children was a ghost. She came up to me and touched my arm (it felt like a cross b/w a tiny zap of electricity and that feeling you get when your foot falls asleep), then she got in my face and told me – “You’re an empath, aren’t you?!” She sounded really excited about her discovery, though I wasn’t in agreement with her at all. (So I guess that might mean that in my waking life I really am blocking any empathic abilities? My family and friends tell me this all the time. That my overanalyzing is blocking any abilities I might have).
Actually, come to think of it – Dr. MacNeill (now I’m thinking Patrick?) was in that dream as well. After my encounter with the ghost, I was freaking out over the possibility of other spirits talking to me without warning. While balling my eyes out in hysteria, I told Neil that at the end of the day I really needed to talk to him about this. The entire day passed and each time I saw him, he completely ignored me!

So… I never thought about that until now. That Neil in that dream didn’t speak. Patrick never speaks in my dreams, so I guess he was Neil in that dream, too? So either my dream-self translated his not speaking to me as him rudely ignoring me, or he was really trying to tell me something by ignoring me. But WHAT? That perhaps I should stop disregarding that I could be an empath, thus making it easier for us to communicate? Beats me.

But I do wonder if that means anything. In one dream Patrick ran away from me on his horse, and in the one mentioned above he ignored me – or just didn’t speak b/c he was a spirit. But I really do think that he was ignoring me in that one dream purposely. Every single time I ran into him, he would walk right past me without acknowledging my presence. I remember feeling hurt because it wasn’t his normal character.

Maybe it wasn't him?


Uncomfortable Dream


(Email excerpt)
Okay… now the dream. It was STRANGE STRANGE, STRANGE. I almost wrote you about it but felt silly about it. But when I read your email today about your class last night (trance), I thought I’d bring it up.

The night after your first reading, I slept restlessly b/c I kept waking up. EVERY SINGLE TIME I woke up I may have been “talking” in my sleep. I’m actually embarrassed to think that my brother could have heard me b/c when he stays at our house he sometimes has to get up during the night to take his dog out.

Anyway, EVERY SINGLE TIME I woke up it was like I was trying to say a name in my sleep, but couldn’t get past the first syllable. It was always a “W” sound or a “B” sound. I don’t know if I LITERALLY made those utterances, but it was happening every single time I woke up. The only way I can describe it is how a deaf person sounds when they’re trying to speak. This is the thing though… in your reading you said you thought Patrick’s other name was “William,” which echoed what I told my aunt in her reading years ago. So that’s why the name “William” could have been on my tongue. Also, the “B” could have been “Brian” because my sister told me she thought his name was “Brian Patrick.”

But each time I woke up from this dream it felt like I wasn’t IN CONTROL, you know? I am not into trances and spirits taking over a person’s body AT ALL. I’m not even sure I ever really believed that was possible. But this “W” and “B” thing was bothering me ALL NIGHT. The last thing I remembered was a dream where I was in the bathroom next to my room. The lights were still off (except for the nightlight), and it was still nighttime. But in this dream I was levitating in front of the mirror, and there was the spirit of some woman in there with me. She was wearing a blue Victorian dress. In the dream someone walked inside the bathroom (my brother I think), and I remember thinking I wish he would say something so that this lady and her control over me in my dream would vanish. It was such an UNCOMFORTABLE, UNUSUAL dream. I’ve never had a dream like that before, and the constant “B” and “W” sounds I was making in my sleep are pretty disturbing as well.


Tarot Dream

I dreamt that Mom woke me up and stood at the side of the bed. She had tarot cards in her hands, only they were oversized tarot cards. Very large, like the size of a big picture frame. I think she told me the cards had to do with my past life. I can’t remember 2 of the cards, but I do remember one of them. It was a picture of a red-headed woman (high society I think, or very near it) atop a white horse. The horse blanket on the mare was 2 layered; a rusty red and green. The lady sitting on top of the horse was reaching down to the men on the grass below. There were about 4 or 5 of them. One of them had straight black hair and was older than myself; like he was an uncle or something. I remember Mom telling me that that particular card was a Happy card. But I didn’t quite believe her b/c I thought there was a little bit of blood on the card. As if I had just escaped the midst of some battle or something. (Which made me remember that tent dream).

(Note: I’ve been told that this dream might be saying that Patrick IS me; as in he’s my twin flame. I have to say that this makes sense as I think I had RED hair in that PL and Patrick had a WHITE HORSE. In this dream I – the red-headed woman – was on Patrick’s white horse).


Funny Computer/Tarot Dream Photobucket

I dreamt that a member at a forum I frequent sent me an email or a PM with a message from Patrick. I dreamt that Patrick was sending a message to me through her via the computer. (I’ve had this happen before with my medium friend). Anyway, I vaguely remember it all. Two pictures stood out for me more than anything.

In this dream he told her (via the computer) that he wasn’t ever going to reincarnate b/c his last life exhausted him. I mean REALLY exhausted him. To convey that message he was using smiley faces. I remember 3 animated smilies where at least one of them was one of those smilies dressed like a knight with a sword. I remember this armored smiley crying theatrically and then basically falling to the ground from exhaustion. Lol!

Castle tarot card
I also remember seeing on her email to me a small tarot card with a castle on it. The card itself was small and kind of narrow. It was also all black and edged in white. The castle on the card had lots of turrets
and it was all white. He said something about me and then about his castle. He was comparing the two. I remember the words “beauty” and “adoring.”

Ghost smiley Photobucket
The last thing I remember was a ghost smiley and him saying he was watching over me.

I wish I could remember more of the details. It’s just like that dream I had the other night with the oversized tarot cards. There were 3 (or more) cards in that dream, yet I can only recall the one.

Also, before I had that dream I had a man’s name inside my head and then saw a picture of the actor that was in that dragon movie and who played the prince in “A Knight’s Tale.” (Just found out the actor is James Purefoy and the movie is called "Dragon Sword" or "George and the Dragon").

Also, a few months back I woke up with the name “Trelefeuse” in my head.

UPDATE:In Mom's genealogy research she discovered there was a TRALEE FEUD in Ireland. Maybe that's what that's about? It certainly sounds similar.

Also... I have had quite a few dreams where a man with short black hair was present. I don't know anything beyond that.


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