Monday, September 5, 2011

~ Electronic Voice Phenomenon ~


Just a few possible EVP's of Patrick:

I don't fully trust EVP, as I have captured a few negative one's before, so I would be skeptical. I've even had evp's where it sounds like Patrick, only they're being negative. The evp's below are the one's I feel deep down in my gut really are him. I can't explain it, but they sound and feel... well, familiar.

And for those who don't know what evp is, it's just spirit voices picked up on a tape recorder. Some of these might be easier to hear with headphones, and laptops aren't the best for listening to them. For the most part, however, I think these particular files can be heard fine without headphones.

Remember to pause the music in the sidebar!

"Wake Up! Be-cky."
(This evp appeared the second I entered the room to turn off the recorder. The first part is a very loud whisper, and the last word is said in a very deep voice)


"Be-cky, Becky, Becky... I miss you."
(The volume might have to go all the way up on this one. Just remember to turn it back down before listening to the other clips)


"Noooo, stop it!"
(The squeak you hear at the beginning of the clip is me closing my bedroom door right after turning on the recorder)

And below is the same evp, only slowed down and without the door squeaking in the beginning:


"I called you... Becky."
(The last word in this evp is an echo)




(This one is near the end of the clip)


"Becky, love to find you."

(To me, the first word sounds like a different voice since it's higher pitched. Also, the last word here has an accent. Sounds Scottish, or something similar. Maybe even Wales or Holland? No idea. I definitely hear an accent though).


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  1. Hi, Kristin
    My sister's name is Rebecca. She feels she has been in another life. We are Scotish and Irish and also our roots are in the U.K.
    I told my sister about your blogs too. I don't think she has had the time to view your blogs but I will definitely be telling her about your 'Patrick Dreams' She will be very interested.
    Have a lovely evening~


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