Thursday, September 8, 2011

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This blog consists basically of entries from my older Patrick sites. That way everything is combined into ONE blog opposed to several. (And I didn't copy/paste everything from those other sites to this blog).

Here's a quick overview of the different sections, just in case you want to skip certain entries:

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Just FYI: I have since ceased communicating with the person that volunteered a lot of the readings, but am still grateful for her "friendship" at the time. (Before we stopped talking, I was even going to include her in the dedication of my book which is loosely based on Patrick; should it ever become published of course). I did learn a lot from her, most importantly to trust myself a little more. No matter how things turn out in the end, I do believe some people come into - and even leave - our lives for good reason.

And in following my gut, which can be a tough thing for me to master, (Hello? Analytical Taurus here Photobucket) I do believe a lot of Nat's readings were correct.

Also, please understand that even though I've recorded my experiences and theories on this blog.... I am still very skeptical. To discover the truth, I believe skepticism - and openmindedness - is pretty much key.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What are Twin Flames?


First off, I would like to confess that I am not a fan of the term "Twin Flame." Photobucket It sounds too hokey and New Age for my tastes. When I first heard about twins, I didn't take them very seriously because the term itself sounded so ridiculous and made up. I also didn't give the topic much credit simply because most of the sites and forums I'd come across about twins were really, erhm... eccentric, strange, filled with a lot of 'woe-is-me' angst

and a few stories of infidelity. They made me think they were pulling their information out of a box of crackerjacks. I was reading a lot of platitudes which didn't come with any skepticism whatsoever.

Okay, having said that... written below is what I believe about twin flames. And when I say "believe," there is still some skepticism rearing it's head. Not nearly as much as before, but I'd be lying if I said I believe in this 100%. I don't know how anyone can say they 100% believe, in anything spiritual or paranormal related, without the facts staring them in the face. With ghosts, a person KNOWS they're real when they SEE one when wide awake. But something like twin flames.... how can that be proven through science? It can't. The details of twin flames aside, the key element here seems to be emotion. (Which quite frankly, I'd be skeptical of since ego can get in the way). The truth of twin flames really does have to be experienced. Otherwise, I can understand how crazy it might sound to some people.

Remember, I was one of those people. (Okay, so I still kind of am. Whether TF's are real or not, it doesn't matter to me. I do find it an interesting theory though).


So if I were to describe what I think Twin Flames are, I would say to imagine Yin & Yang. Our twin and ourselves have our own separate identities - formed by life experiences - yet we really are one; like two sides to the same coin. During - rare? - incarnations together, there is usually a large age gap and oftentimes something will invariably keep twins apart. But... I also believe, and for most of us anyway, that our twin is actually in Spirit watching over us from The Other Side. Rarely will they be on this earth plane, with us (or without us) and in the flesh. In these cases, I think of them as a sort of guardian angel/spirit guide/protector.

Now, is any of this really true? That's up to YOU to decide for yourself. Follow YOUR instincts and inner voice, not anyone else's.

I also think people tend to romanticize twins. I have a feeling it's more about spiritual growth than romantic love. (Not that romance is never there. I just think the spiritual aspect of twins is more powerful, hence even incarnating without them).

A lot of people tend to believe that one day, when we've learned all the lessons we've set out to master, that only then will our spirit merge with our twin in the afterlife; our souls will literally become one whole. Personally, I never bought into that theory because it would imply that in the end we don't have our own separate identities. I think that one twin's lessons during an incarnation also affects the other. We learn from each other, and ALWAYS do we have our own individual personalities and sense of self.

The best way I can wrap my mind around the theory of twin flames is that IF we all belong to "soul groups," our twin is simply another soul which is the closest to our own; hence them being our "twin." (Sort of like how most twin siblings here on Earth can feel such a strong connection with each other. They ARE their own person, but they also share a very strong connection). When it comes to these soul groups, I tend to picture a family tree like is used in genealogy. For instance, your twin would just be on the same branch as you and right next to you. Out of all the souls on your branch, your twin is your closest 'neighbor.'

I hope that makes sense. Photobucket

Everyone else on your branch, or nearer your branch, could be your soulmates. (I call them "Kindred Spirits," as I think the term 'soulmate' is often misinterpreted).

One more thing: Even I don't 100% know that twin flames are real. I don't even know for sure exactly who Patrick is. It's only that through doing a lot of research and paying attention to my own experiences and dreams, I've discovered that him being my twin is just one possibility.

For all I know, he could be anyone... and no one is more skeptical about him than I.



I’ve decided to erase the Twin Flames articles. I know that a lot of people have expressed liking seeing the articles in one place - as did I - but I think it’s time to take them down.

When creating this page, I made it a point to provide a link to every single article. Unfortunately, where one finds the article isn’t always where it was originally posted. (And I would think this is self-explanatory, but there’s no surefire way of knowing the original source unless you yourself wrote the actual article).

So as to not step on anyone’s toes, I’m going to wave my magic wand here and make it all disappear.
From this blog anyway. There is A LOT of information out there concerning Twin Flames, and it does take time to weed through it all.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~ Backstory ~


"The listeners got some such insights into their past lives, as one gets into the darker parts of the woods, when a stray gleam of sunshine finds its way down to the roots of the trees."

- James Fenimore Cooper


While I was living in Houston I had my first ghostly encounter. I was only 6 or 7 years old at the time, so the experience was very frightening and thoroughly confusing.

I was in my bed, unable to sleep. I was lying on my right side when I decided to lie on my back. When I switched positions, I saw a ghost kneeling at the end of the bed. He was looking down as he smoothed out the covers. He was actually very immersed in such a tedious task! He was dressed in Renaissance clothing, although at the time all I knew was that he didn't look or dress like men of today and that he had very weird hair for a man. Lol!

Amidst my fear of seeing a ghost, I remember thinking that his hair was very “girly” for a male. (Pageboy hairstyle). His hair was VERY blond and his clothes were VERY fancy. I remember his jerkin as being burgundy. It had vertical stitching, and it ‘puffed out’ a bit between sections. (Sort of like in the photo below, only the sections were wider and had more padding).


I think he might have had on a cape as well, but I don’t know for sure as it was dark in the room and I was pretty frightened. I tried pinching my sister awake, so that SHE would scream FOR me (Lol!) but I didn't pinch hard enough I guess. (I even remember trying to pinch her enough to wake her, but not enough to actually hurt her. I've always wondered if she would have seen him, too, had I woken her up).

For a long while I watched him concentrating on smoothing out the covers from one end of the bed to the other. When he was on my side… well, the middle of the bed actually as my sister and I slept in the same bed and I was always sleeping smack-dab next to her while holding her hand... he was smoothing the covers, when suddenly he looked up.

He froze and silently stared straight back at me, which terrified me even more because his eyes started glowing. They glowed a very bright white light. Like a light encased inside a fog. (TERRIFIED ME). I’ve always thought that unusual for a spirit, but I’ve been told that that’s normal. He looked very solid, like us, except for those eyes.

Someone told me once that they see that in spirits all the time and call it “love light.” They say the light intensifies with their emotions. I really don’t think he meant for me to see him and didn’t want to scare me – and so he froze. In fact, I think that I scared him!

Several years ago... as in on or around October 1, 2002... my aunt tried contacting my ghost. It took her a while to get a name from him. He finally told her that his name was “Patrick.” A few years later someone else told me that his name was "Patrick" as well. After 24 years, the mystery of his name is solved!!!!

Another interesting thing is that my aunt said that Patrick said something about her losing her kids. The psychic... just someone who offered free readings for fun on a forum not even paranormal-related... told me almost the same thing; that he had lost his children. All I know is that someone definitely lost children. (I've even had a dream before where the spirit of some woman kept crying to me about that same thing).


Just FYI -

Whenever I mention "Dr. MacNeill" from the Christy tv series in one of my dreams, it's the actor in the video below. I would fastforward to around the 9 minute mark to see him:


Also, the picture below is the closest I can find that looks like Patrick. It isn't exact of course - (I mean, duh... Brad Pitt? Photobucket) - but it's the best I can find. It's the hair and chiseled features more than anything. I think Patrick's features are a little harsher.