Friday, September 2, 2011

Patrick Dreams - pt 3

October 2007

I honestly think these were just regular dreams, but I’ll write them down anyway since it was a Neil/Christy dream. (Patrick often shows up in my dreams as Neil).

Dream #1
I was dreaming about the Christy series, only this was a new one with the same actors. It was a “darker” Christy tv series; and one I’ve dreamt about a few times before. The scenery in this series/these dreams is always very wooded. In this dream - just like always – Dr. MacNeill was his usual bear self, only he really cared for Christy and was protecting her without her knowing it.

In this dream he was inside some dark, candlelit cabin with Christy and some old couple. He told Christy to go someplace to get something for him; something to help with his doctoring. After she left, Neil immediately laid down in the bed and allowed the old lady to spoon feed him a bowl of broth. It was then that I understood he had completely hidden from Christy the fact that he was dying.

Dream #2
I was combing my wet hair in the bathroom mirror at our old house when my brother stood behind me. He was a young boy again; around 8 or 9 years old I guess. He told me, “He loves you.” When I asked “Who?” he told me – “You are him.” I immediately understood what that meant. That Patrick really is my twin. In this dream I immediately hugged my little brother, telling him with the biggest smile that I'll love him forever for telling me this.


The other day I was feeling a little down...


When trying to fall asleep that night, I had a picture of two rabbits inside my head. They were side-by-side nibbling on a cabbage. They were white with light tan (almost gray) spots near their necks. Since it popped into my head like that, maybe that was Patrick’s way of trying to cheer me up. (B/c in my PL with him I loved bunnies).


Sunrise Dream

Not sure this is anything, but in part of my dream last night I saw purple flowers again. Also, some medium lady in my dream said that Patrick told her that “Dawn is sad.” (Dawn, as in sunrise).


Aug 27, 2007

Message on Mirror

Had a dream last night that I’ve been brushing off. I’m only writing it down now b/c Mom found it interesting. In this dream I just finished taking a bath when I saw on the fogged up mirror, the words “I Love You.” I opened the door and shouted for Mom to come up and see, all the while hoping the words would stay there so Mom could see. I remember watching the sentence slowly fading away, word-by-word before Mom arrived. When Mom reached the bathroom, the words completely disappeared. I’m now wondering… a day later… if there was a reason for that. Did the words disappear before Mom could see them to send me a message that Patrick is for ME and not Mom or my sister? His words were only for ME to see?

(I STILL can’t help myself when it comes to being open to the idea that he’s for my sister or mother, and that all my dreams and 27 years of experiences are a fluke).


Ireland and a story

In the first part of this dream I'm running outside in Ireland. The scenery is breathtaking, but I'm trying to catch up with this lady; an author. Later, she and I are inside a mall or someplace. She's autographing a couple of books after looking at some soaps. She shouts a question at me from her seat, asking if I'd realized that my story is a little similar to hers. She hadn't read all of my story yet... she read it without my permission I think... but for some reason I was glad to hear her say that. I told her it was "confidence building."

She and I are about to leave when the saleslady beckons her to look at some soaps again. They were the same soaps she'd looked at earlier, but walked away from. I remember thinking at the time that she was crazy for passing them over. So, she goes back to that counter to check them out. She keeps dropping one of the soaps on the floor inside some water. It's pink, heart-shaped soap. When I finally lift it out of the water myself, I see that on the soap are the words "Remember Me." The author and I look at one another. Her expression told me that she believed it a sign to me from Patrick. I, on the other hand, just held the soap in my palm while telling her that surely it was nothing. No message at all, and that she was reading too much into it.

All I can think of in interpreting this is that soap = cleansing, and water = emotions.


Twin Flames


The other morning, when I woke up I had a sentence in my head. It was about twin flames. I don’t know what to think of this. I dream about writing in my sleep all the time, and the book I finished just a few days later is about twins, so… I don’t know. All I do know is that it immediately had me thinking of Jamie in the Outlander books, and that this sentence running through my head was eloquent. Being half-asleep I only caught the tail end of it and I didn’t write it down.

I think this might have been nothing, but the eloquence of the sentence is what makes me wonder.


July 21, 2007

First Leonidas Dream:


Dreamt about King Leonidas last night! (Which was AWESOME, as I never dream about the G-man). It was a little weird. Gerry/Leonidas had just finished kicking some serious butt for hours when he finally meets up with me. He’s about to go down the cliff to the beach below to fight the ultimate bad dude. He and I were taking forever saying our goodbyes to each other. I remember thinking/hoping that the longer his opponent has to wait, maybe he’ll get bored and would leave… Lol!… sparing Leonidas. Well, Leo and I were hugging each other like mad and looking deep into each other’s eyes, knowing it’d likely be the last time we ever see one another. We kept telling each other over and over again that we loved each other. I mean, in this dream we were hopeless. Hopelessly in love that is. I remember looking very deeply into his eyes at one point, and him just staring right back at me. It was like his eyes were communicating a silent message to me. Like he was communicating telepathically, as the words didn’t have to be said to be felt.

Second Leonidas Dream:


I was speaking to my niece, and in the distance was an old television set. Green countryside was surrounding us. Leo was on the tv, and it was like a live feed coming in. He was going on about “Chrissy” and a rabbit. Lol! When I replied to him, “Who’s Chrissy?” and that I’d never known a Chrissy… he just about rolled his eyes in amazement that I didn’t remember. He told me (telepathically I think) that “Chrissy” was a pet rabbit of mine. A light brown rabbit. He was really annoyed and frustrated with me for not remembering. After he showed his surprise that I didn’t know what he was talking about, I turned toward my niece to explain. I explained to her that he can’t understand why I don’t remember anything about that past life, and that he’s expressed this surprise/frustration before.

By the way, I find it a little odd that in that dream I had a few months ago there was a brown rabbit that came up to me on the street.

Also, I just remembered how I bought these cute little rabbit trinkets at Hobby Lobby years ago. (This was years before the rabbit stuff started coming up with him). Well, I think I named one of them “Chrissy.” I’m not 100% positive of that b/c this was years ago, but I do think I named one of them “Chrissy.” I bought 3 of them, and I do remember naming the rabbit that’s leaping in the grass something like “Jaq?” And the one sitting down, holding its foot, “Chrissy.”


July 7, 2007

Don't Forget


I won’t go into detail as it didn’t all make sense, but in this dream my sister was telling me that Patrick greeted her on The Other Side. She also smiled, and then told me that Patrick told her that he and myself “never want to forget each other.” (I later realized this echoes that dream and those possible signs from a few weeks ago).

He also mentioned 3 female’s names, but I can’t recall what they were. All I remember is seeing a young woman (no older than 30 maybe?) with dark hair and wearing a long white nightgown/shift of some sort.


My sister/Ireland

I was speaking to my sister at the kitchen table, and she was telling me about Patrick. (In every dream I’ve had about my sister, she’s telling me little things about Patrick; details). Anyway, it’s all a blur but the jest of the dream was that my sister was going on about the Irish, and all during her discourse with me she kept slipping into a foreign accent. It was English or Irish, but as she was speaking to me she had no idea that that was what she was doing. She was just jabbering like crazy, oblivious to the accent taking over her speech. The only other thing I vaguely recall from this dream is a man in a long green robe? I think he had red hair and a long red beard? (Not really sure at all about the red hair/beard).


May 22, 2007

Don't Forget Me


Last night I was looking at Scotland pictures on someone’s MySpace Page again. (We had been emailing each other about a pic I made of GB/Scotland). One of the pics I looked at was an old one I had found a while back and saved to the computer. It’s the picture above of the cabin inside a field of lavender:

In my dream this morning I saw that exact picture, and heard a man’s voice. It said something like – “Don’t forget me in my time or in your modern time.” Or... he might have said "Don't forget me in my world or in your modern world." (I’m 98% certain though that he said time).

Also, last night I was perusing one of my new books I just bought. In it someone keeps mentioning lavender. I think there’s going to be a few similarities between that book and Patrick.


Forgot to mention this dream:
The main jest of it was seeing Patrick's eyes. They were a beautiful crystal blue color.



Another Dream I Forgot

It’s no biggie – hence why I forgot – but if Patrick is involved I write it down. My sister was asking about the book that I just started writing. She asked if Iain in my story was Patrick. I told her the story is inspired by and loosely based on Patrick, but that Iain isn’t really him. I then told her I have to keep the option open that Patrick could be for her or Mom and not me. After I told my sister this, she just rolled her eyes at me like I was an idiot.


I have no idea when I had this dream:

This one I completely brushed off at first. I didn’t even write it down, and I always write down every Patrick-related dream.

I don't dream of Patrick all that often, but in this dream he actually came as himself; which I had asked him to do a while back. In the dream I just walked up to him. He was wearing a fancy velvet jerkin like before, only it was royal blue this time. His back was to me and I just came up behind him and pressed my cheek to his back; sort of like a little hug. I was smiling and felt so serene and happy. But that was the whole dream.

So that dream echoes what Nat told me in that reading over a year ago. I’m guessing that dream was one of three things. I think options 2 and 3 are most likely:

1.) It’s just a reflection of my own day-to-day feelings. That having trouble communicating with Patrick makes it feel like he’s turned his back on me.

2.) He’s waiting for ME to go directly to him. He wants ME to FACE HIM when I’m ready.

3.) It’s a Past Life memory of when he got married and cut ties with me for the first time.


February 2, 2007

A bunny rabbit, music box & a stranger

While in Austin I had a strange/confusing dream. Mom and I were in the city. We decided to eat our lunch on the sidewalk. I was talking to Mom when a sweet little brown bunny comes up to me. It wasn’t at all skittish of me. I was petting it, and while speaking to Mom I realized she was holding my Phantom music box that I got for Christmas. (Note: I’m speaking of my present from Patrick, which as Mom passed that storefront she heard a male voice say – “Stop! Phantom!”)
So Mom is holding the music box when I’m aware of a man sitting a few feet away from us. He was wearing brown slacks and a brown plaid shirt. I think he had a backpack next to him, and his hair was straight sandy brown and sort of long; above his shoulders. He was watching and listening to us talk, but not really intruding on our privacy. Ignoring the man, I start to tell Mom that I received an evp the other day that sounded like “Broch Tuaroch.”  (Note: I really did get an evp a couple days before which sounded like that. Not sure that’s what it was, but it did sound like it). But then I noticed that there was a sticker on the back of the music box which read, “Broch Tuaroch.”
I was so incredibly freaked out. I could not for the life of me even get the words out of my mouth to tell Mom about the evp and what I had just read on that sticker. My throat was tight with emotion and I started balling. I mean I was just emotionally overwhelmed at this point. So overwhelmed that I didn’t really even care that the man sitting a few feet from us could hear and see my crying out of nowhere. After I told Mom about why I was crying, the dream switched gears and turned really stupid – as most dreams are. I started dreaming about Joel and Maggie - (yep, there's "Margaret" again) - from the old tv series, Northern Exposure.

But I’m thinking the man in the dream was Patrick. (I say this b/c the man in the dream reminded me of Dr. MacNeill. He didn’t look exactly like him this time, but he did dress like him and his hair was the same color. His hair was straight and the same length as Patrick’s, too, but not blonde). And this is probably too much thinking on my part, but maybe the man in the dream (Patrick) wore a PLAID shirt on purpose.

Like the plaid of a tartan. I’m also wondering if this man was Patrick because of the rabbit. (Note: Nat did that reading a while back where Patrick mentioned all those rabbits from our PL, and just a day or two before this dream I came across some Scotland pictures which I saved. My 2 favorites were of a field of purple heather, and a brown rabbit.


Also, about a month ago I had a strange dream where I was standing inside a deep pit with a white sheet covering it. In other words, I was inside this sort of makeshift tent, and I was eye-level with the ground. In this dream I was seeing lots of things related to Easter, including a brown bunny).

The realist in me says I dreamt about the brown rabbit b/c of the picture I saved, but another part of me says that if the man in my dream was Patrick… then it’s only natural to assume that the bunny was a message from him as well.
The next day I looked up “Broch Tuaroch” on the computer. I couldn’t find a translation for it though. I knew it was in the Outlander books, but that’s it. I found out it was a fancy name for Lallybroch, Jamie’s home in Scotland. (I’d forgotten that Lallybroch’s other name was “Broch Turaoch.” Before doing research on the name I just assumed it was a name of one of the castles in the Outlander books).

But if this dream was a visitation, I’m completely clueless as to its meaning.



I'm really not so sure this was Patrick coming to me in a dream. I really don't know. I don't want to babble, so the jest of the dream is being in a skating rink, and on my way out some people are trying to tell me something.

I turn around to see for myself... a penny is floating on it's own right behind me and towards my back. In the dream it immediately made me think of the scene with a penny in the movie "Ghost," and I knew it had to be Patrick paying me a visit. I paid special attention to the numbers on the penny, hoping I'd see the #'s 1 and 2 (soulmate numbers) as confirmation, but instead I saw 1's and 3's.

So yeah... it might just be a nothing dream. As always, I'm left guessing.

It just now dawned on me that in the movie Ghost, PATRICK Swayze plays the ghost.


Not much of a dream...

The only dream I've really had lately is seeing a closeup of a brownish vine with a single rose blooming on it. It was a pretty pink rose.



I really don't know that this means anything. I can barely recall this dream.

All I do remember, is that on a television I saw a scrolling text with a message from Patrick. It read: "Kristin you said you would come back to me...."

(Yes, there's that familiar phrase appearing yet again; "Come Back To Me").

There was lots more on the screen, but I just cannot recall it.

Bummer, huh? If that was a message trying to come through from him, why won't he come as himself like I ask? I guess men never listen, even after they're dead, huh?

Okay, to be fair I think he did listen. I did ask that he come into my dreams last night, and to give me a positive message. I guess this was it. Maybe coming in person in dreamstate is just difficult for him.

I only wish I could recall the rest of the message.
In the famous words of one Winnie-the-Pooh behind paws full of honey: "Oh, Bother!"


PS - I don't get the feeling that the "Come Back To Me" part of the message was the main idea he was trying to get across. It's just that that was the only sentence I remember from the dream. I wouldn't say he was 'pining away' for me. Lol! I don't even know for sure who the heck he is.



Night before last, it took a while for me to fall asleep b/c of the voices I'd hear in my room off and on. (Some woman commenting to someone I was trying to sleep, then random words I couldn't hear well). I hear them in my room a lot these days, always at night, and usually it's a woman. They're harmless though, so it really doesn't bother me. Over the past months, I've slowly been talking myself into trying to develop my clairaudience. I've always been afraid that once it's on, I won't be able to turn it off.

So since I'm least afraid of Patrick, last night I told him that if he ever talks to me he's going to have to speak louder so I can hear him. I then told him that as I fall asleep, I'll try to listen for his voice. If I hear him, then great. (I've heard him a few times before anyway). If not, that's okay too. It'll take some practice, especially on my part. I also told him that I sure hope he's helping me find an agent, b/c while I'm trying to think positively..... it's almost impossible to keep that up since I've run out of agencies to query.

Then this morning I had a dream. I'm still not sure it was a dream visit, but I think it's possible since I haven't dreamt about him for eons and because before I went to sleep last night, I told him I'd wish he'd come into my dreams again. (I've asked him this before - a couple weeks ago - and nothing happened).

So this morning I dreamed that I was walking down the gallery upstairs, headed towards the bathroom. Once in the hall, I noticed that the computer was on in the guestroom. I could hear Patrick's voice constantly saying - "Becky... Becky... Becky... Becky." In the dream I didn't enter the bedroom b/c it was the middle of the night, was dark, I was the only one upstairs, and I just didn't have the guts to go in there alone I guess. I'm not exactly sure of the reason, however, b/c I immediately woke up from my dream then. And why? Because I had to go to the bathroom. Lol!

So you can see why I'm skeptical, right?

Or maybe that was the point. He knew I was about to get up, and was telling me he was in the guestroom just then? Did he think it'd freak me out more knowing that he'd hang out in my bedroom? Lol!

Or maybe the computer being on - and him being in that room - was the whole point? I just now thought of this, but that is the room and the computer where I write. Maybe that dream was just his way of saying he is trying to help me land an agent. Hmm....

I don't know. At least it's something to ponder. My instincts tell me that this might have been a dream where Patrick really is trying to tell me something. I guess I'll know soon enough.

Que Sera, Sera.
Whatever will be, will be.

Another reason why I think that really was a dream formulated by him, is because when I do hear his voice (which is rare, but has happened when awake), he's either just saying "Kristin" a couple times, or "Becky." I never hear any other message, but one of those names (usually Becky) being repeated. I wonder why that is?

Update: Another possibility for that dream could be his way of telling me to start writing again. But..... I really don't feel that's it. It's another guess at least.

Wake Up!


We lost electricity from the hurricane for 15 days. (NOT fun, by the way). One of those evenings I did have a possible Patrick dream. In it I saw my nephew, Luke, only he was a little younger than he is now. I haven't seen the kids for a while now, and in my dream I was about to leave when I told him I loved him. My nephew said to me that people are always telling him that, and that he wishes people would come up with a new way to express those words. Lol! When I asked what other words he was looking for, he said "Wake Up." (Just like Patrick said in that loud evp that I have of him).

Weird dream, I know, but I've learned to pay attention even to the silly ones. Maybe it's his way of explaining to me what he meant by that evp. To "Wake Up" and remember that we love each other perhaps? (Even that feels uncomfortable to me, as I don't "know" him in my waking life.  I'm VERY skeptical.  Can't help it).

I also keep thinking I had a dream about him a few days back, only I can't recall any of it.

What’s Up, Doc?
Aug 16, 2008


When going to bed last night I had an image of a funky looking rabbit in my head. Since Patrick has mentioned my love of rabbits from that past life to 2 or 3 people, and since I've dreamt about one over the past year, I figure there's a possibility this is related to that past life. If so, I had one shaggy, crazy looking rabbit. Lol! It was a medium brown color with a creamy (not quite white, but almost) underside. It's ears hung down low and at an angle, and were really shaggy. This rabbit was very "scraggly" looking. I don't know much about rabbits, even though I did have one as a pet for a long time. It ran loose in our backyard like a dog, and lived quite happily beneath our deck. Thumper didn't have much to do with us though.

Anyway, this morning the word "Angora" kept popping into my head. I figured there must be a breed of rabbit with that name, but wasn't sure. I finally just googled "Scotland... Rabbit" and lo and behold I see pics of that scraggly little beast whose breed really is called "Angora."

I think this is grasping at straws, but on Wikipedia it mentioned this breed originating in Turkey. That stuck out to me b/c YEARS AGO my mother mentioned something about how she felt like Patrick might have been to Turkey sometime in that past life. Maybe stumbling into that was a message? If so, perhaps Patrick brought me back one from there since I had so many other rabbits and were so fond of them... and especially since that breed didn't really exist anywhere else at that time.

Some of them are pretty funky looking. I wonder if I even recognized what the heck it was? Lol! The one I saw in my mind's eyes was much scragglier than the ones in these pics.


July 14, 2008


I wish I could recall the entire dream, but all I remember is seeing a book set against pitch black. On the cover was a picture of Patrick's face that kept zooming in and out, sort of like a hologram. The book was surrounded by little sparks of fluorescent green light whenever the pages were turned.

Basketball Game?
April 2008

This I'm not sure about. This dream really ticked me off actually. I was inside some gym where a basketball game was going on. Patrick was there, but he was ignoring me. I never received the impression that Patrick in this dream was the trickster spirit I've mentioned before, so either it was really him or it was just a dream I conjured myself. Anyway... in this dream Patrick's mind was fixated on nothing but that damned basketball game. I remember wanting a simple little hug from him, yet he outright ignored me. His eye was trained on that game and the players. It's like he was on a mission.

A few days later I thought that IF that was really him, maybe it was his way of letting me know that he's trying to help me find a literary agent. His eye was trained on that goal.


Thanks, Wendy Kitty
April 6, 2010


Not sure this is anything, but this morning I started having this dream. All I remember is sitting in a car with a man. It was dark, and I could only see our silhouettes. We were hugging each other. I felt like the guy was Patrick, but I'll never know now because...

My Cat Woke Me Up!


Spirit Voices in my Room


I almost didn't write this one down b/c I think part of this dream is a little silly.

Last night I dreamed I was living at our old house. It was nighttime, and in my room I kept hearing spirits talking. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I was afraid. I kept my light on and almost didn't even sleep in my room. I was so scared I actually wanted to wake my parents, but I didn't.

I hear my mother's cell phone ring. I knew it was my brother b/c the ringtone was the one Mom uses for him; the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme song.

I was so glad someone else in the house was awake, and next thing I know Mom - still on the phone speaking to my brother - stops outside my bedroom. She's standing by the door, and without me even telling her anything she nods and tells me that she already knows. She tells me she saw a spirit, and that he was...

Okay, be prepared to laugh at what's coming.

She told me she saw him giving me a massage and hugging me. Lol!

Yes, I know. The massage sounds silly but in my dream.... after she told me that I was petrified out of my mind. I was so frightened that my voice even sounded terrified. I told her I didn't care who they were, but that I wanted them out. I wanted them to leave me alone and never come back.

And yes, in the dream I knew this spirit was Patrick. I couldn't see him, but I knew without a doubt that's who Mom was talking about.

So here I've now had TWO dreams where I'm terrified of him; that is, this latest dream and - a long time ago - that 'tent dream' with the battle going on and he finds me hiding from him inside the tent.

In my dreams with him, either I'm madly in love with the guy or petrified out of my mind.

And I know I shouldn't be frightened, as he is a loving spirit. Seeing him when I was just a kid is proof enough. Smoothing the bedcovers at a child's feet while they supposedly slept isn't exactly a malicious gesture. And in my waking life, I'm not afraid of him.

I'm just really confused about this love him/terrified of him ordeal in my dreams.


A Wedding


I've been tossing this dream to the wayside, as I'm apt to do a lot. It was a dream I had a few weeks ago. I never mentioned it before because -
1). It was a Photobucket dream related to something I heard the night before.

2). The obvious skepticism.

I'm not feeling well tonight, so I'll stick to the main points here:

- The night before, when trying to fall asleep I heard - and I heard this a couple times - a male voice say "gonna get married."

I ignored it, thinking either it must have just rhymed with that or my ears were trying to make sense of the sounds around me. (What "Ghost Hunters" call matrixing).

- But then arrives the dream that I had that night.

In short, I was in my upstairs bathroom. I was going to be married that day. I remember speaking to my Mom, then having her leave so I could take a bath and get ready for the wedding. In the dream I really didn't want to marry this guy... whoever the heck he was, as I received absolutely no impression of him... but kept thinking to myself that I wanted to see Patrick at least one more time. I wanted to marry HIM.

Immediately after that thought, he was in the room with me. He and I held each other, and I was terrified that he would leave at any second. I grabbed him and held on to him as if he were my lifeline. I mean, in that moment it was like he was all that mattered. I cannot stress enough how petrified I was that he would leave, but.... he didn't.

So that's why I'm finally writing this dream down; all because of THE FEELINGS. Feelings which are nothing like me in my daily life at all. What I mean is the whole "I can't live without this man" scenario.

That is soooo not like me, but in this dream - and others with him - those STRONG feelings are always there and are bombarding me full force.  (Also, he never spoke in the dream. I didn't even see his face).

But then I remember hearing that voice saying "gonna get married" before I fell asleep that night. WHY did I hear that? And if I did, is that why I dreamed I was getting married? Or was it inevitable that I would dream that? Was that really Patrick visiting me, and was it his way of trying to shed light on the mystery?

Now can ya see why it's all so confusing? Photobucket


Woken Up

I've been ignoring this for days now, but the other morning I was woken with the feeling that someone was tickling the bottom of my foot beneath the covers.

Then a couple days later I remembered what I was dreaming about when that happened. Only, I'm not sure it was really a dream per se. It was more like seeing an image. In my mind's eye I saw a brown rabbit standing on it's hind legs inside tall grasses. It was tall, brown grass.


Feb 26, 2011

Dream #2:
Who you calling old?!
Two nights ago I had the silliest dream. (Well, not 'Silly-ha-ha' but kinda stupid).

All that I can remember is some stranger receiving an evp on her tape recorder. In the background of this tape, I heard Patrick's voice clear as day. It was so recognizable that I didn't even have to use headphones to listen to it.

What was odd was that accompanying his voice was some soft, medieval-type music. What he said was really silly, and in my dream I was CREEPED OUT when I heard his voice! We're talking getting the chills and feeling frightened out of my mind, but after I thought hard about what he was actually saying... I calmed down because I realized it was just a stupid evp.

What he said, along with the music that was playing, was ---

"I can hardly stand it.
These lonely old hens.
I am not happy."

Okay, you can laugh now.

And I kind of hope this was just a stupid dream I concocted myself because come on... lonely OLD hens? OLD?! OLD?! Thanks a lot.

But I can forgive being called a "hen," and that one word (and the music) is really the only reason I'm typing this dream up at all; seeing how that was a common term back then for a younglady.

As found in the dictionary online:
"dialect (Scot) a term of address (often affectionate), used to women & girls."
If this wasn't just some random dream, I can only assume he's speaking about Mom and I. It is just the two of us living here now, and we really are all alone these days. (Dad is working out of state and this week we've been incredibly busy getting the house ready to put on the market. The real estate agent came by only yesterday, and our plan is to move up to Austin where the kids and the rest of our family are).

I guess Patrick just doesn't like watching we two girls - I mean "hens" - living alone with no family around?

Or maybe this was just a random dream. I honestly don't know.


A Little Blond Boy
Jan 11, 2011

Decluttering the house this week, I found my old High School stuff and mixed in were a couple dreams which I wrote down.

I didn't know it at the time, but now I think those dreams are Patrick-related. (It's a good thing I wrote them down because I had completely forgotten about them... which is strange because after I read them I remembered them VIVIDLY).

First Dream:
This one was dated August 9, 1994. I wrote a short description of it, then a few years later wrote a longer description because I just couldn't get it out of my head. Below, I'll type up the more detailed description.

Note: Keep in mind that oftentimes Patrick would come to me in a dream incognito. Back in those days, the only celebrity I liked was NKOTB member Jordan Knight - and yes, I find the "knight" reference pretty coincidental and kinda humorous - so I can see why he might come as him. (I think I might have one other "Jordan/Patrick" dream written down on this site as well).

But here's the dream I found earlier this week -

A few years ago I had one of the most beautiful dreams, and of Jordan Knight actually. I think his clothing was all black, and he was standing near the formal living room window. We were outside in the backyard. I was away from him, probably by about 6 feet. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the wind was blowing the trees around. There were flowers everywhere, and I could see a lady bending over to pick some beneath the window. She wore a flowing white dress and large hat, similar to that needlepoint picture we had on the wall in the living room above the couch.

A little boy with blond hair (about 1 1/2 to 2 years old) was running through the yard with a bubble wand. He's in front of me, where the patio would be, and he was having so much fun!

I watched him playing with those bubbles, and then I saw Jordan just gazing at me with this little smile. I looked back at him and smiled some, too. We just stared at each other, but said nothing. We didn't have to. We were so happy and so much in love that words literally couldn't express our feelings for each other.

I had this dream before Luke (my nephew) was born... he was born 3-2-95; one year after this dream... and now that I look back on it I'm beginning to wonder if this little boy was LUKE! The boy in this dream looked EXACTLY like Luke did at that age; even down to the hair. (Luke's hair was very blond as a toddler).

EVERYTHING in this dream was so beautiful. The grass and trees were a beautiful green, and it was so quiet. All you could hear was the wind blowing through the trees. The look, and most especially the FEEL of this dream was so wonderful. It was exactly what Heaven must feel like.

And "Jordan" and I were soulmates, for a fact, in this dream. I don't believe I will EVER feel that way about a man in my life, EVER. It was just so beautiful. It was a short dream, which felt like... well, destiny and that we were fated to be together. It was also as if he and I felt that we were married.

Second Dream:
(This one was dated November 23, 1994)

Jordan is in our living room, and I'm not really sure if he could see me. I was following him, and then I sat down.

So did he.

Later, Jordan stood up and he was carrying a little boy with light brown hair. It was the same boy as in another dream I've had before.

Third Dream:
(This dream doesn't belong to me... which makes it really STRANGE)

I came across a note from one of my friends in high school - written back in 1991 or 1992 - and in it she mentioned having a dream that she and I were pregnant at the same time. She said Jordan was in the dream, and he and I already had a child.... a little BOY that was BLOND! (And um, Jordan had very dark hair and Patrick... well, can ye say BLOND? Lol!)

I find that so incredibly weird and strangely coincidental, seeing how years later I had two dreams about the same boy. (And it's not like I remembered her telling me about her dream. My friends and I wrote each other all the time, so it was easy to forget a note from last week, let alone years before).

I don't know what the deal is with this little boy appearing in those dreams, but I do believe it's relevant with Patrick somehow. I have a few theories, but that's all they are.

And this is interesting, but when my nephew was little one of his favorite things to play with was BUBBLES. I even have an aunt that used to give him and his sister bubbles whenever she saw them.

One other thing - Back in those days I wasn't even trying to figure out who Patrick was. I didn't know his name or anything. I only knew him as "that ghost" or "that knight" which I saw when I was a little girl. (He was fixing the bedcovers at my feet). I knew zippo about him, so thinking he was actually Jordan (or whomever) in disguise in a dream never crossed my mind until over a decade later. Eventually, the puzzle pieces just started coming together.


Recollections / Come Back To Me
Jan 2011

This Nonsensical dream was brought to you by Doctor Who....

I never bother writing down my dreams which are just stupid dreams, but I might change that this year.

Okay, total nonsense was this dream. I had a baby and I was still rather young; probably a senior in High School. My baby was a little girl, and she would cry when anyone other than myself held her. I was really protective of her.

I remember speaking to the father outside of a high school. He was working on something; handyman-type stuff. I was bossing him around about my cat, Wendy. I kept stressing to him, over and over again, that he had better make sure Wendy gets home safely because I'm petrified of her getting out of the building. I was just so adamant about him listening to me, because for some reason I really didn't trust him. (I think it was just because I was overprotective of Wendy. I only wanted her to be safe). I then leave, only to return seconds later to give him a kiss and apologize for being so bossy.

Now the dream gets weird... for the first time anyway, as it gets stranger every moment now. His reply was something about Scotland. He told me that not everyone is like me and is crazy about men in kilts. Lol!

Next thing I know, I'm in some hallway at school and there's this rack of what looks like greeting cards. Suddenly, the 9th doctor from Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston) is in it. I'm not sure if he was the same man from earlier, or another guy. All I know is he was a teacher of some kind, and that I had remembered that I hadn't attended classes in a while and had no clue where they were or what time I had to go to each one. (I have that scenario in my dreams a lot. I think a lot of people have that dream).

He told me that he had changed his classes around since I'd been there last.

Again.... the dream gets weird and plain stupid yet again. There was a class of his that was named "Recollections," but he changed it. I saw the new name for this class on one of those greeting cards. It was solid black, and in white lettering were the words "Come Back To Me." (Yes, that phrase again).

And um..... also scattered throughout this dream was an obsession of mine in waking like. Naturally, what I'm speaking of is Starbucks. (I was holding my child, and expecting someone to pick me up from school. I kept thinking that if I really hurried, I just might find the time to stop in the Starbucks for a frappuccino.)

There was more in this dream, but I can't remember any of it just now.

This is silly, but I just realized that some of those stickers that I wanted at Michael's today goes by the brand name RECOLLECTIONS.


Naval Officer?

This wasn't a dream, but I'm trying to remain openminded about this, hence typing it up here.

All of yesterday I had a monster migraine. I went to bed for a little while, hoping to get rid of it. Twice, I heard music in my room. This wasn't inside my head or anything like that either. I heard it physically with my ears. The first time it was soft piano music, and 30 minutes to an hour later it was epic, orchestral music.

I like to look for the logical explanation first, so I'll concede that perhaps my floor fan was just picking up on radio waves from the tv downstairs. (Mom's bedroom door was shut - has to be to keep the cats separated these days - and hers was the only television on, but I have heard my floor fan pick up signals before).

Okay, then fastforward to last night. My headache left for about an hour and a half, but come bedtime it returned with gusto. Amidst trying to just sleep off this migraine, yet being wide awake and not even tired, I had the image of a man suddenly flash before my eyes.

I know that a lot of people see flashes of people - usually gruesome looking - sometimes while trying to fall asleep. They're just images that come and go really quickly, morphing one into the other inside all that blackness as your eyes are closed. I get this off and on, and I've gotten really good at ignoring it.

But last night it was like that, except that the image stayed longer and it wasn't scary looking. It wasn't anything very vivid, but it was so perfectly defined and detailed that it really caught my attention.

I saw a man - definitely not of our time period - with gray hair. (It kind of reminded me of my grandfather's hair, had he ever grown it out). It was fashioned in some strange way. It was really wavy, but it was controlled into bigger waves and tucked in perfectly neat sections flushed against his face. He had a very deep cleft in his chin, and his skin sort of puffed out on either side. (This dimple/cleft was very deep). His cheeks were a little like that, too, but he had an angular face. He had to have been in his 50's I suppose. He had a black eye patch on his right eye and was VERY GROOMED and austere looking. We're talking not a wrinkle or piece of lint on his clothes. I received the feeling that appearance was very crucial with this man. I only saw him from the shoulders up, so what I did see was that he wore a military jacket of some kind. My first instinct however was naval officer. It was black, or maybe even a DARK blue that just looked black. This jacket also had a very narrow white stripe along the shoulders. I think there was more material set on top the shoulders, and surrounding that was the line of white on either side. I'm not positive, but there might have been gold buttons on the top of each shoulder. I am really not sure about that though, as now I just cannot remember for certain.

This will sound crazy, but the very first second I saw that face I thought he was Patrick's father. (Which would be impossible if there were buttons on that uniform, as buttons weren't even around then. Of course, maybe Patrick is from a much later time period than the 1500's... but I really don't believe that's the case). I couldn't help but see a resemblance there. It didn't look like Patrick really, but there was a 'something' there - shape of the face I guess - that seemed like him.

So while this guy was not frightening to look at physically, I received the impression that this man was not kind. He was extremely cold and heartless. He wasted no energy on emotions. The entire time I saw him he was just stone faced, looking straight ahead. I would doubt that this man had smiled even once in his lifetime. His appearance was perfect, clean and groomed, yet his energy was not welcoming in the least.

Or maybe it was nothing.


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