Sunday, September 4, 2011

~ Automatic Writing ~

Years ago I talked my mother into trying Automatic Writing again. She was going to do one from her Papa, but at the top of the page the only thing which came through was the letter “P” followed by a possible automatic writing from Patrick.

In Mom’s Automatic Writing, Patrick mentioned how we used to “look up at the Heavens and wonder at them.” So the correlation b/w the stars being mentioned in the AW, as well as in that swans/stars dream (which I'll mention elsewhere), certainly caught my attention. And add to that that at the time of the AW even I had forgotten about the dream with the palace and the swans. I now take that dream as being a gift from Patrick. (Took around 10 years for me to figure that one out. That was such a peaceful dream). I think he’s trying to get me to remember that past life. (Which I never will of course).

Here’s the AW my mother did. After that, she did a reading on him. Mom got a monster of a migraine afterward:


I cannot tell you how much this means to me. I have waited many lifetimes. Watching. Waiting and still more Watching and Waiting. You grew up fast! How I wish you would remember me! I try to WILL IT, but it seems to be beyond my power. I wish for you to understand something about me. I was a hard man in so many ways, but to survive this must be. How else does one protect so many he is responsible for. We often looked at the heavens and wondered at them. I still remember it well. You seem a little lost to me. Is this so? Do not be so, for I will always find YOU! No matter what comes between. I loved you more than you loved me I think, for you sometimes feared me and you know you were most tender and kind to me, despite my crude ways. You were the flower. I was the thorn. I show you a white handkerchief. For purity and love for eternal life without ever ending. Until you nor I are separated again. Try to remember me. I am right there at the edge. Don’t forget to ask for me to come. I must be invited.

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Most of the AW looks like her writing, but there are words that are in print. Mom hates print and always writes in cursive, so that was interesting. And a few words were ‘fatter’ or ‘stretched out’ if-you-will. The last sentence on the 2nd page (and part of the last line on the last page) is definitely not Mom’s handwriting, and he definitely talks differently than she does. Lol! When she re-read some of it later, she didn’t even remember writing it. She even had a hard time understanding 1 or 2 of his poetic lines. And sometimes she couldn’t even recognize the writing b/c the letters looked a little different from her regular script. I also noticed that there were no commas when Mom wrote this, and that he underlines words differently than Mom normally would.


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