Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~ Backstory ~


"The listeners got some such insights into their past lives, as one gets into the darker parts of the woods, when a stray gleam of sunshine finds its way down to the roots of the trees."

- James Fenimore Cooper


While I was living in Houston I had my first ghostly encounter. I was only 6 or 7 years old at the time, so the experience was very frightening and thoroughly confusing.

I was in my bed, unable to sleep. I was lying on my right side when I decided to lie on my back. When I switched positions, I saw a ghost kneeling at the end of the bed. He was looking down as he smoothed out the covers. He was actually very immersed in such a tedious task! He was dressed in Renaissance clothing, although at the time all I knew was that he didn't look or dress like men of today and that he had very weird hair for a man. Lol!

Amidst my fear of seeing a ghost, I remember thinking that his hair was very “girly” for a male. (Pageboy hairstyle). His hair was VERY blond and his clothes were VERY fancy. I remember his jerkin as being burgundy. It had vertical stitching, and it ‘puffed out’ a bit between sections. (Sort of like in the photo below, only the sections were wider and had more padding).


I think he might have had on a cape as well, but I don’t know for sure as it was dark in the room and I was pretty frightened. I tried pinching my sister awake, so that SHE would scream FOR me (Lol!) but I didn't pinch hard enough I guess. (I even remember trying to pinch her enough to wake her, but not enough to actually hurt her. I've always wondered if she would have seen him, too, had I woken her up).

For a long while I watched him concentrating on smoothing out the covers from one end of the bed to the other. When he was on my side… well, the middle of the bed actually as my sister and I slept in the same bed and I was always sleeping smack-dab next to her while holding her hand... he was smoothing the covers, when suddenly he looked up.

He froze and silently stared straight back at me, which terrified me even more because his eyes started glowing. They glowed a very bright white light. Like a light encased inside a fog. (TERRIFIED ME). I’ve always thought that unusual for a spirit, but I’ve been told that that’s normal. He looked very solid, like us, except for those eyes.

Someone told me once that they see that in spirits all the time and call it “love light.” They say the light intensifies with their emotions. I really don’t think he meant for me to see him and didn’t want to scare me – and so he froze. In fact, I think that I scared him!

Several years ago... as in on or around October 1, 2002... my aunt tried contacting my ghost. It took her a while to get a name from him. He finally told her that his name was “Patrick.” A few years later someone else told me that his name was "Patrick" as well. After 24 years, the mystery of his name is solved!!!!

Another interesting thing is that my aunt said that Patrick said something about her losing her kids. The psychic... just someone who offered free readings for fun on a forum not even paranormal-related... told me almost the same thing; that he had lost his children. All I know is that someone definitely lost children. (I've even had a dream before where the spirit of some woman kept crying to me about that same thing).


Just FYI -

Whenever I mention "Dr. MacNeill" from the Christy tv series in one of my dreams, it's the actor in the video below. I would fastforward to around the 9 minute mark to see him:


Also, the picture below is the closest I can find that looks like Patrick. It isn't exact of course - (I mean, duh... Brad Pitt? Photobucket) - but it's the best I can find. It's the hair and chiseled features more than anything. I think Patrick's features are a little harsher.



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