Thursday, September 8, 2011

~ About this Blog ~

This blog consists basically of entries from my older Patrick sites. That way everything is combined into ONE blog opposed to several. (And I didn't copy/paste everything from those other sites to this blog).

Here's a quick overview of the different sections, just in case you want to skip certain entries:

- What are Twin Flames?
- Backstory
- Aunt's Reading
- Automatic Writing
- Patrick Dreams, Part 1
- Patrick Dreams, Part 2
- Patrick Dreams, Part 3
- Readings, Part 1
- Readings, Part 2
- "Stop, Phantom!"
- Random Coincidences
- Possible Signs
- Random Messages
- Past Comments
- Recent Updates

* (Recent updates can be viewed by clicking HERE. Blogger won't acknowledge when that entry is being updated... since it will always be the last entry on this blog... so you can only check for updates by clicking the link provided).


Just FYI: I have since ceased communicating with the person that volunteered a lot of the readings, but am still grateful for her "friendship" at the time. (Before we stopped talking, I was even going to include her in the dedication of my book which is loosely based on Patrick; should it ever become published of course). I did learn a lot from her, most importantly to trust myself a little more. No matter how things turn out in the end, I do believe some people come into - and even leave - our lives for good reason.

And in following my gut, which can be a tough thing for me to master, (Hello? Analytical Taurus here Photobucket) I do believe a lot of Nat's readings were correct.

Also, please understand that even though I've recorded my experiences and theories on this blog.... I am still very skeptical. To discover the truth, I believe skepticism - and openmindedness - is pretty much key.


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