Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Black Dog

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Last night my dreams were all over the place again. The bulk of it however was about my neighbors. I counted that they had something like 15 dogs! Mostly, they were large dogs but when I asked how many they had they told me 22.

I then asked them the name of one particular dog. It was a big black dog and I think it was wearing a red collar. It was following me EVERYWHERE. This dog was basically glued to my side. They told me that his name was "Patrick."

I then asked again, to make sure I heard right, and they said again that his name was "Patrick."

Still... I'm just not sure this is really Patrick-related. (I say this because, after walking one of my dogs today, I came across a few black dogs with red collars. Yesterday Abby saw one of them, and we thought it funny that she wasn't afraid of it at all. I just didn't recall that it was also a black dog with a red collar... just like in my dream last night).


Another Rabbit
(December 2012)


The other night one of my dreams was seeing a rabbit. (And that is the only reason why I'm finally including it on this blog). It reminded me of The Velveteen Rabbit, like in the children's book. It was tall and brown, and with a white tummy I think.

For the entire dream I saw it in profile view. All it did was twitch both it's ears in different directions.

Yeah, whatever.


Approaching Storm

 photo horse.jpg

My dream last night was a little unsettling. My mother and I were in her bathroom, talking after she washed her hair or was getting ready to call it a night. In the middle of just talking about random, daily things she told me she could no longer ignore that there was a spirit in the room that wished to speak to her. Wanting them to leave so that she could get things back to normal, she listened to them.

I don't know what it was they told her, but when they were done I noticed a scene out of some windows. It looked really strange because I was seeing this scene in something like tunnel vision. What I saw was pretty frightening, and it really made me angry that this was going on outside our window while this spirit selfishly took up our time handing over to Mom his message.

I think his name was Francis.

So I was looking at this scene, and I was frightened because it really looked like the end of the world. In this sort of tunnel vision, I saw an approaching storm. The sky was filled with billowing clouds of red and pink, and they were encroaching closer to us. Suddenly, off in that distance is a red bolt of lightning which struck down to the earth in a straight line. In front of it I saw a white horse trying to beat the storm. It was racing like hell in front of it, and then it zoomed past us. There might have been a small team of horses behind it, but I'm not certain of that.

By this time, Mom is worried and says we need to run to the house NOW to gather up the animals. We call the girls to come inside this screened back door, which they do. Abby was the last one in, and for a second I came close to panicking that she wouldn't come in. Thankfully, I knew that if I remained calm so would she and then she'd come in as directed.

The next thing I remember is seeing this strange wooden door. It was white and the paint was off in a lot of places. Little splinters of wood were poking off it. It was a 2-way folded door, but each side was comprised of several layers of door. (It's hard to describe). It's also a low door, which you have to get on your knees in order to enter the small cupboard/pantry behind it. I'm frantically opening all these doors because my flash drive with all the stories I've written are on there.

After I enter that little closet, the next thing I'm aware of is that the storm must have never reached us because everyone and everything was okay.

Note: The only reason I'm including this dream on this site is because of the mention of "Francis," and then the white horse. (Because in one reading Patrick kept saying that "Francis" was one of his names. Also, he had a white horse and there was one present in this dream).


June 10, 2012

Pink Flowers and Roses?


So this morning I saw THIS new post on a blog that I follow called Brookwood Letters. (The blogger lives in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland). Today they posted some photos of the flowers on their property. They were little pink flowers called "Thrift."

They reminded me of a couple of readings where Nat mentioned little pink flowers in a field. I'll copy/paste one of those excerpts below, taken from the "Readings - Part 1" section:

I'm seeing a big grassy field with a ton of rabbits hopping around and there's a young girl there with reddish hair sitting in the grass playing with them all having a ball. And I get the feeling you don't know he is there and he is coming to see you and is tripping over all the rabbits. LOL! This is too funny!!!! I can't stop giggling. There are flowers in the field too - small ones, I think pink and white ones. Ok, he keeps saying that they're roses but I don't believe roses grow in fields, but I keep hearing "No, they're roses!". He said he planted them for you!

After looking up photos of Thrift online, I stumbled upon one pic which surprised me.


I know she said that what she was seeing were roses that Patrick actually planted, but what if that was just a simple misinterpretation.... because the photo above sure looks like little rosebuds to me. I find that really strange.

I'm still leaning a lot more towards him planting actual roses, just as she said Patrick told her, but it's something I'm going to remain openminded about.


November 25, 2011

Unexpected Caller

So here it is the day after Thanksgiving. Last night, as I was first trying to fall asleep after an exhausting day of putting up the Christmas tree, I had an image in my mind of my cell phone. Across the little caller screen was an incoming call. It read, in bold/white/capital letters, the name PATRICK.

I immediately ignored it, but this morning I'm second guessing that.

I don't know whether to take it seriously or not because it's been a l-o-n-g time since I've even had any Patrick dreams.

UPDATE: I just remembered that before going to bed I checked my cell phone. I was surprised I had missed a text from my niece the day before, telling me she was about to see the new Muppet movie. I tried falling asleep something like half an hour after checking my phone, so that probably explains it.

No sign there, and no surprise. As I said, it's been a looong time since I've received any messages or have had any dreams about Patrick. (Okay, make that possible messages and dreams b/c I'll always be skeptical).



  1. I don't know what your views are on 2012... I'm just saying, is all. It happened like this for me, a long time apart. May I make a suggestion? "serendipty", the movie. be well

  2. I've been on the fence about 2012. I think more often than not that nothing is going to happen. Nothing horrible anyway, but I know what you mean. I gather you're referring to how I used to always see 1's and 2's on the clock? It was only last year that I made a connection between that and 2012. (Yes, I'm a bit slow. Lol!) It is odd, but I think it's just a coincidence.

    I know, I know. It seems that 99.99% of people don't believe in coincidences, but I still do.


  3. Coincidence is accidental occurences; but not? Today I've accepted everything that's been happening to me. I'm Catholic/old time gospel for whatever that's worth, but my dreams are phenomenal just like that one guy I found on www.youtube.com I 'feed into' with faith by works; I've followed all my signs and clues and I'm almost there. This has been a journey in life that I thank God for. That guy on youtube has been a great help. "GodRayTwinFlames". I keep getting the message of, "this is real", the twin flame phenomena. Well I'm glad I found your blog and I don't want to be a pest (I'm just very excited... it shows :)
    Kind regards, I'll stop by from time to time. I love how you put together your blog page. Chandra

  4. Well I'm glad you like it! I've re-made this blog (and others) so many times, and it's nice to hear such kind comments. I do appreciate them.

    And I don't think you're a "pest" at all. Lol! Absolutely not, so don't think such a silly thing for even one second longer.

    Have a Happy Weekend, and I hope to see you again! I have PLENTY of other blogs to visit, and if ever you create a twin flame blog (or any other blog) of your own please be sure to let me know.



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