Sunday, August 28, 2011

~ Stop, Phantom! ~


This is just too awesome for words. I mean really, really AWESOME! Dad came home for Christmas yesterday, and today he and Mom were walking through the mall. When they passed Carlton Cards (a store my mother never so much as glances at), she heard a male’s voice. She said it was a male voice which said very QUICKLY and very URGENTLY, “Stop!! Phantom!!”

Mom immediately stopped in her tracks, grabbed my Dad’s arm and told him she had to go inside that store. (She didn’t want Dad to think she was crazy, so she didn’t tell him just why she wanted to go in). Well, she walked into the store and guess what her eyes fell upon...

A PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Christmas ornament/music box. (I am obsessed with that movie. Patrick must know this - hence his referring to me, via my friend, as "Christine" and now the POTO Christmas ornament he led Mom to today).

So now I have even further proof that Patrick is really good at impressing things upon people. Though this was more than that, as Mom heard his voice this time.

I also just noticed that the day Mom heard him yell “Stop!! Phantom!!” was December 21st; 12-21.

So there are those numbers again.


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