Saturday, August 27, 2011

~ Random Coincidences / Signs ~


More coincidences are listed in other blog entries, especially with the dreams, so I’ll not include them here. These are all older blog entries, mainly from email excerpts:


Communicating From Beyond is Hard Work!


- I joked to my friend, after a reading she did, that Patrick is probably resting now. Right after she read that in her email, she heard on the TV - "I am worn out!" Photobucket



I just took a little quiz this morning titled "What Forest Animal Are You?"

Can ya guess what my result was? How about....



You tend to be a worrier. You especially spend a lot of time worrying for others.
You are both practical and courageous. You are willing to act boldly when it really matters.

You are shy and self-conscious. Even if you feel strongly, you will hold back in expressing your opinion.
You face your responsibilities with a positive attitude - and you always get things done.


Swans & Stars & Music Boxes


- My mother has said that Patrick kept showing her swans. Black and white swans. She said that in our past life we had a secret rendezvous point at a loch. She said it was a pretty spot with black and white swans, and some craggy mountain was reflected in the water there.

A few days later Patrick showed her a black and white swan again. The swans were on a lake and their necks were interlocked, forming a heart shape.

And then... Patrick showed my friend white swans, and then days later she was on some message board where they have a game called “Find the picture.” When it was her turn, she said “Find me a picture of a music box.” The picture they came back with was a picture of a music box with 2 SWANS on the top, with their necks together forming a heart. (Just like what my mother saw). I guess that was his way of validating everything.


- Someone on the internet posted a picture of Beaumaris Castle in Wales that I’ve fallen in love with. I was always looking at this one picture with swans swimming in the moat. (This was long before my mother and friend said Patrick was showing them swans, too). So maybe there’s a deeper reason why I’m so fascinated with that picture? Am I – subconsciously – remembering the swans? Also, the color of the stones of Beaumaris castle is the same as the stone from the castle ruins in that one dream which I had. It’s also the same color stone Patrick showed Mom.

- One of two surnames I’ve been deliberating giving my character (in a story I want to write that’s loosely based on Patrick) was SWAN.




- On one of my friend’s readings, Patrick yelled “Victory!” (Like a battle cry or something). We never did figure out what he meant.

- The next day I was lying out in the sun, reading a novel followed by my tarot book which I was just starting to familiarize myself with. I took a break, and after a while the top card to my tarot deck blew into the yard. I decided to go ahead and look up it’s meaning. It mentioned that the 6 of Wands was the VICTORY card.

How’s that for a coincidence?! Out of 78 cards in that deck, the top one “just happened” to blow out into the yard and it “just happened” to be the VICTORY card.

- My friend later discovered that one of her neighbors rides a motorcycle, and the back of his jacket has in big letters, the word "VICTORY.”


If Ever I Would Leave You


Last night, after watching some of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, I said – more to myself than him – the same thing I wrote in that silly poem back in High School. (The one which I wrote NOT having Patrick in mind at all, even though there was a 'ghost' involved. Looking back, I think it was about him, only subconsciously). Anyway, I said that IF he really is for me he’d better not ever leave me. (Like the Captain did to Lucy in the movie).

Well, today I read on a forum that some Scottish musician was supposed to be on Austin City Limits tonight. I kept switching to PBS, hoping to see him on there. During one of these switching channel sessions, they were airing an infomercial for oldies music cd’s. They showed a video of Robert Goulet singing “If Ever I Would Leave You,” from Camelot.


At The Bookstore


After a few days deliberation, I finally broke down today to buy “Tapestry.” (It’s a book of short stories by several authors; one of which is “Into The Dreaming” by KMM which I LOVE and have already read. There are a lot of Patrick similarities in that story). When I didn’t originally find it, I decided to just buy this other book. So far I’ve only read 2 Katie MacAlister books and only one of them did I fall in love with. I decided to give this one a chance just b/c I couldn’t find “Tapestry.”

Well, at the front desk I asked them to please look up “Tapestry” for me. The lady kind of laughed b/c a co-worker HAD JUST told her about the audiobook for Tapestry. (I had heard them talking about an audiobook earlier, but wasn’t paying much attention as I was looking for the same book). The lady was told about the audiobook they had of it, and replied that she’d never heard of it. Then I show up at the counter asking about it. Lol!

- I thought it kind of strange that the cover of the Katie MacAlister book (which I also broke down and bought) is similar to that recurring dream I had of Patrick years and years ago. The “Space dream” I call it. In that dream Patrick is posed almost exactly like the guy on the cover of this book. He was staring straight ahead - and very seriously - holding a sword high above his head with both hands.


PhotoShop Brushes

(Click on Thumbnail)

While looking for PhotoShop Brushes online I came across the picture above. I brushed it off originally, but Mom has convinced me to give it a chance.


I asked my sister if she received any feelings as to the name of an agent I might have in the future, or an assistant who will have a hand in getting my manuscript noticed by an agent. Her reply was "Rachel," but before that my little niece chimed in with "Becky." Lol!

And my niece knows absolutely nothing about the whole Patrick/Becky ordeal in the slightest. She's only eleven-years-old and so far doesn't believe in this stuff. I thought her answer very interesting and pretty funny. A nice surprise for sure!

Update 7-3-08: Yesterday I received an email from an agency. I emailed a different agent there, but the junior agent is the one that replied, asking to see my full ms. I just wonder if this "Becky" my niece mentioned is this "Becca" person? Also, my sister mentioned "Rachel," and it turns out there are 2 Rachel's there. For about a year I've had the feeling something agent-related would happen around the 4th of July; two dreams I had. I guess this was it. It doesn't mean they'll say yes, but it's another request at least.


It‘s a virtue, they say?


I had a really bad night last night. I was very upset over a rejection, feeling like I'll never find a literary agent that wants to represent me. I'm been at this a long time now, and have run out of agencies to query. I'm seriously beginning to feel like Patrick - no one for that matter - isn't helping me. I feel all alone and abandoned here.

All anger and feeling sorry for myself aside… all day I've researched agents, but at one point decided to click on someone's blog. After that, I clicked on another blog in their side bar. That's when I saw a picture that struck a chord. I don't know if it's a sign, but after that possible "Hang in There" sign from a while back, I'm giving it a chance.

The picture I’ll post below, but first the backstory:

There's a meditation that I try sometimes before going to sleep. (It's setting is on a stretch of beach. You imagine your twin handing you a stick, and in the sand you write a desire/request for the Universe to send you). In this meditation I always envision Patrick helping me find the right agent for our book. Perhaps he's asking me - again - to be patient? If so, does he have ANY idea how difficult that is for me?



Impressing Once Again


Friends email -

This is funny- I have to tell you this. Last night I was lying on my bed waiting for my son to get himself in bed so I could go in and say good-night to him and my eyes drifted over to one of the music boxes that I have in my room. I was looking at it and then all of a sudden out of the blue "somebody" impressed me with the strong idea to record the music box playing and to send it to you so you could hear it! LOL! I just remember thinking that it was such a logical thing to do at that very second and that I should turn it on and record it on the computer and send it to you so you could hear it. LOL! Then I realized what I was thinking and I couldn't stop laughing. I know that was Patrick trying to impress me to do that because he knows that you want him to play that music box so bad. LOL! Like I said, I was just lying there looking at it and then that idea just "popped" into my head out of nowhere and at that very instant I thought it was the best idea ever! LOL! Then when I realized what was happening I couldn't stop laughing and realized how stupid it was. LOL! So Patrick seems determined to get you to hear that music box playing! LOL! Just thought I would tell you that.


I am pretty sure he meant it was a gift to you in your past life. Meaning, in that life, he built all that for you. Does that make sense?

My reply -

Mom said that makes sense. I believe it. I just can’t understand how he could have pulled it off if he and I were never together, especially if he was married to someone else. Or… he could have built it for me at a time when he was alone again. Sort of like that movie “The Notebook.” He built that house for her, hoping that just his action of building the place would help her to find him again.

(Note: The next morning, guess what was on tv. That’s right, “The Notebook.” And it was on the part where Ally comes to him after the house is built. And in this movie it mentioned how she waited for him for 7 years).
Also, weeks later it dawned on me that he could have said he built that place for himself, and it would have been normal for someone of his station to have staff there all the time. Maybe he appointed me chatelaine there.


I saw YOU in that castle all by yourself remember? You were waiting for HIM to return. That was when I saw you with the white fluffy persian cat at your feet. You looked very sad and lonely. I think that he had that place built for you, kind of like how a king would secretly build a home for his mistress (not saying you were a "mistress" to him though- just using that as an example). I don't think HE actually built it himself but I'm sure he made sure that it was built for you exactly the way you would like it. And I do think you were together for a while but then he was either called to duty or something else happened that took him away from you. Remember when Patrick was here last week-end and I mentioned that he was "called to duty" and you were left waiting for him to return and either he never did return or it was years later? That place that I described I feel was your home that he built for you (well, he had someone build for you - I doubt that he was a "builder". lol). And it WAS secluded and remember how I said that I got the distinct impression that the 2 of you had to keep your relationship a secret? Well maybe that was where the 2 of you would meet in secret. Makes sense- the place was secluded so no one would be around to see the 2 of you together. HOLY CRAP! Wait a minute! Something just popped into my head!!! Remember you said you had that dream of the 2 of you where you were in a cabin or something and then Patrick burst through the door and you felt like you had the feeling like you were anticipating him coming in? I just realized that could've been a memory from a past life or Patrick showing you what happened in your past life when he finally returned!! And I remember you saying that you were both thinking "to hell with what everyone else thinks- we will be together if we want to be". That all makes perfect sense to me now! I hope I explained that all right- I was typing so fast I could barely keep up! LOL!


Numbers 1 and 2 on the Clock


- All year I’ve been seeing 1’s and 2’s on the clock. I see them CONSTANTLY!!!!! I’ve been told that those are soulmate numbers. That they mean you “are one with your soulmate.” I’m guessing that if Patrick and I are soulmates, then that conjecture might be correct as I haven’t been noticing those numbers until all this communicating started happening so much over this past year.

- After typing a post about Patrick on a site I frequent, I hit the ‘reply’ button. After I did that, the telephone started dialing the numbers 222222222 straight out of the blue. This happened years ago, and ever since then I’ve been seeing those 1’s and 2’s. I’m now wondering if the phone dialing all those 2’s was Patrick’s doing as well? I'm not completely sold on that, but I guess ya never know.

Just read this about that pattern:
222“Your newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see the evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don't quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.”


He soooo loves attention

Photobucket Photobucket
(Click on Thumbnails)

This is an email I sent -
I was talking to Mom and Dad in the garage when our neighbors came over. Our garage was packed and after a few minutes I went inside to get another cola. The second I was back inside the house, I said out loud to myself that I just HAD to be looking like crap on the day we had visitors. Well, the second after I said that I heard this CONSTANT noise. I thought it was coming from upstairs. It sounded like my cat batting at something continuously. It was a very insistent sound. It just kept going on and on. It sounded EXACTLY like the drawer handle to a dresser banging against the drawer. But only MY dresser has handles like that, and that dresser is inside my walk-in closet. I KNEW that wasn’t it, and I quickly realized it wasn’t the cat b/c I spotted her in the living room. I heard that clanging for about 5 long seconds, and then it stopped. A few seconds later it started up again, just as insistent. After that I didn’t hear it again. I went back out in the garage and told my parents about it.

Well, Mom was growing tired of working on her stained glass, so we went inside. Mom was going to teach me how to burn a cd on the computer. After the cd was finished, I went to my room to get my stereo out of my armoire. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the source of that clanging sound I kept hearing earlier was from the hanging knob of MY ARMOIRE... THE SAME ARMOIRE I GOT THOSE PICTURES OF THOSE MOVING ORBS IN FRONT OF. I just know that was him. I know it. I know I heard something… something insistent... but it stopped when I went upstairs. (He probably didn’t want to spook me?)

- After a while, the experience above made me wonder if Patrick really was the spirit I felt in my room so thickly that one time. I mean, I was really freaked out about it because I never feel presences around me. And those orb pictures showed up the same day that I felt the presence. It was so strong that I wasn’t even comfortable retrieving something out of my desk drawer for two seconds. I slept in the guestroom for at least 2 weeks!


A Funny One!

- Okay, this is HILARIOUS and creepy so be prepared. Patrick told Mom he had 6 toes on one foot! Photobucket (Now THAT did NOT come from my mother). He said it was “a matter of great concern” and that they didn’t know if it was "a good or bad omen." (Which makes sense for the times. People were extremely superstitious back then. I mean, if a baby had a strange birthmark, they’d say it was from the devil). Anyway, Patrick then laughed and said that they decided to keep it. Lol! Mom also said his extra toe creeped me out. And umm... I think it still does. Photobucket

Continue reading:


This coincidence just about takes the cake. It even had Mom laughing. This is what I read today in Janet Chapman’s “Tempting the Highlander.” In this part of the story, a lady and her children (in modern times) find a man dressed in plaid and carrying a sword, unconscious and bleeding in the woods:


“This guy is dressed like an ancient warrior. Maybe there’s a Scottish festival going on.”

“Here’s the towel, Mommy. What’s the socks for?” Catherine took the towel from Nora, placed it under the plaid, and slid his belt down to hold it over the wound.

“He’s in shock, sweetie, and his body temperature is dropping. Here,” she said, handing one pair of socks to Nathan. “Put these on his feet.” She carefully pried the sword from the man’s left hand, slipped one of the socks over his fist, then slipped the other one over his right hand.

“He’s got six toes!” Nathan blurted, stepping back. “On both feet!”

Catherine snapped her gaze to the man’s feet. His toes did look rather crowded. She looked up and gave Nathan a reassuring smile. “I’ve heard of people having six toes.”

“Is he a monster?” Nora whispered, hugging the pine tree again. “He’s awful hairy, and he’s real big and scary-looking.”


I guess reading the above passage in my book was confirmation about Mom's reading. I was so not expecting that. What are the odds of reading about a Highlander with SIX TOES?!

And also, the little girl mentioned that he was big and scary-looking. That was how Patrick looked to my friend the first time she contacted him. She said that he had a gentle spirit, but that his outward appearance was the exact opposite; very fierce.


The Ancient Celts

I've always been told that Patrick was a big guy, and in at least 2 of my dreams I would have to agree. Very muscular. (Which surprises me concerning the time period). Well, it looks like the Celts were pretty well-known for that. (Also their love for fighting. Remember how TERRIFIED I was in that tent dream?) Also, I have always said that Patrick’s hair wasn’t really blonde, but YELLOW and look at what Mom found on the internet about The Ancient Celts. His hair looked YELLOW b/c not only was he a natural blond, but he probably chemically treated it; probably with something like horse urine b/c it has ammonia in it – BLECH! Here’s what Mom read:

- The ancient writers dwelt upon the terrifying effect an army of Celts had on their opponents; their great stature, their wild cries, their gesticulations and prancings, the clashing of arms and blowing of trumpets - all combined to terrify and confuse the enemy. As long as these demonstrations of enthusiasm and bravado struck terror into the foe, the Celts would drive all before them. 'For they were always most formidable while they were fresh.' The whole race is war-mad, says Strabo, high-spirited and quick to fight, but otherwise straightforward and not at all of evil character. (And remember how in my tent dream I was convinced he was EVIL, even though in real life I know he isn't that way AT ALL).

- To the Romans the Celts presented a terrifying sight because of their tall stature and their strange appearance. They were in many respects different from Mediterranean peoples. The Celts were by far the tallest race in the world, noticeable also for their white skin and fair hair. Although the Romans had heard about the barbarian Celts, they first encountered them as warriors, and it was in battle that their enormous size and strange appearance first struck them. The Celtic chiefs who advanced to challenge their opposing Roman leader to single combat were men of great physique, 'of stature greater than human'; the story of the fight between Britomartus and Marcellus can be compared to that between Goliath and David. The triumphal procession awarded to Marcellus was said to be most remarkable for the riches of the spoils and the gigantic size of the prisoners. Diodorus Siculus describes the Celts at some length: 'the Gauls are tall of body, with skin moist and white; their hair is blond not only by nature but also because they practise to increase artificially the peculiar nature of their colouring.

- An outstanding characteristic of the Celtic people was their love of decoration and ornament. 'They collect a great quantity of gold and use it for decoration, not only the women but also the men. For they wear bracelets on the wrists and arms, necklaces of solid gold, rings of great worth and even gold corslets' (body armour for the upper part of the torso).

- When the joints of meat were served, the chief or hero took the thigh piece. But if someone else claimed it, they joined in single combat to the death. Frequently they used some chance circumstance to start an argument and then a fight during dinner. They indulged in sham fights and practice feints and they would end up either wounding or even killing their opponent. This love of quarrelling and fighting even at a table was made all the easier, says Polybius, because they usually ate too much and drank too much.

- Overall we may safely say that the general impression from all sources of evidence designates the Celtic aristocratic society as being tall, physically powerful men and women with fair or reddish hair, grey-blue eyes, light skins, oval faces, and fresh complexions.

- The Celts were a very clean people, using soap long before the Romans did.

- Children took their mother's name and daughters inherited her possessions. Virginity was not highly valued; twice the dowry was given for a woman previously married or with children. Abortion and choice or change of mate was a woman's right.

Mom also read that they were greatly into nature. (Like you said about Patrick planting those roses for me. I also find it odd that I put something similar in one of my books; planting the roses).


- The same night I heard Patrick's voice, I put in one of my James Van Praagh videos. I find it odd that out of the 4 or 5 tapes I set out over the weekend, the one I chose to watch was the one where they had a short segment on Automatic Handwriting. (Mom had just done an AW from Patrick for me, or said she would do one soon. I can’t recall now). That part came on just before Mom was about to go to bed, too.


The following are email excerpts about a reading on Patrick, where he mentioned to Mom having a place built for me. We were just brainstorming ideas back and forth, so take what is written with a grain of salt. They're just theories:

My friends email -
I am pretty sure he meant it was a gift to you in your past life. Meaning, in that life, he built all that for you. Does that make sense?

My reply -
Mom said that makes sense. I believe it. I just can’t understand how he could have pulled it off if he and I were never together, especially if he was married to someone else. Or… he could have built it for me at a time when he was alone again. Sort of like that movie “The Notebook.” He built that house for her, hoping that just his action of building the place would help her to find him again.

Note: The next morning, guess what was on tv. That’s right, “The Notebook.” And it was on the exact scene of the movie where Ally comes to him after the house is built. And in this movie it mentioned how she waited for him for 7 years. (Yet another coincidence with a reading done on him).




Friend's email excerpt -
I was just outside on the deck having a smoke thinking that I was going to email you when I came back in and I closed my eyes for a couple seconds and I all of a sudden saw a piece of jewelry or a brooch with a Cameo on it. I'm not sure if that is a message for you or not but I thought I'd tell you anyhow. Does that mean anything to you?

My reply -
I love cameos and have quite a few, but never really wear them anymore. But… the day my brother got married I wore my cameo ring again. Maybe that was Patrick’s way of letting me know that he was there at the wedding, too?

Her reply -
It wasn't a ring, I don't think. It looked more like a large brooch with fancy gold trim around the edges of it. BUT- that may not be literal. It could just represent that you love cameos, not that you have that exact one.

My reply -
That’s what I think. Also, until recently, my desktop wallpaper was this POTO picture with a cameo. So not only do I have cameo jewelry, but until last week the above picture was on my desktop. I was even telling Mom just the other day about how so many times at school, the kids always said that they had never heard of or even seen cameos before then. Lol!

Her reply -
Ok, OMG! That Cameo is IDENTICAL to the Cameo I saw yesterday!!!!!! The orange on the inside, the gold around the edges and the white cameo- THAT IS IT!!!!! The only small difference is that the one I saw , the gold around it looked a tiny bit different but like I said, I only saw it for a split second and I got distracted. I definitely remember the orange on it! And I remember that it was lying on something too like in that picture! Maybe Patrick is telling you that he noticed? Or maybe he wants you to put it back! LOL! That is too cool! I almost dropped to the floor when I saw that picture. I'm so glad you sent it to me- that is definitely what I saw! Oh also, this is odd but as I was just looking at that picture, I noticed it said "Erik and Christine". I totally forgot that his name was Erik but I have been seeing that name EVERYWHERE for the past week or so and I have been wondering if it is a message for me but now that I remember that the phantom's name is Erik I think it is a message for you. I mean I have been seeing that name so often lately that it was starting to drive me nuts. lol. I think I know why now!




Friend’s email to me -
By the way, when I was looking for something to get your mom to include in the package, I came across these plates that you hang on the wall and they had roosters on them. (I wasn't thinking of getting them for your mom- I just happened to see them) and they caught my attention because I was also looking for something to put on a bare spot in my kitchen and so I decided that I absolutely loved those plates so I bought 2 of them.


Well when I got home I realized that I hate roosters. lol. So now I have 2 plates hanging on the wall with roosters on them. Anyhow, the point of this is that I later thought that maybe your mom likes roosters and that's why I felt compelled to buy them? I don't know but something did because I never would've bought those on my own. I can't stand roosters but I freaking bought not one but TWO of the stupid things and now they are on my kitchen wall. lol. Oh and when I was shopping for things to put in your package, I did feel like there was a presence with me helping me pick things out, so maybe it was Patrick.

My reply -
Oh my God. Photobucket
Mom and I are ALWAYS making a joke about roosters in kitchens. My brother HATES them and he is always telling us that we have too many roosters in our kitchen. (We only have one fancy glass ‘window’ picture with a rooster, a little canister and a fancy iron pot rack with roosters… and to my brother that’s extreme. Lol!) So whenever Mom and I are at the store and we see statues of roosters, etc. we always say we’re going to buy it just to tick my brother off. I think that’s so funny.

Photobucket Maybe Patrick impressed you with that. You did say he’s really good at impressing things upon people. Sort of like mind control. (Reminds me of the Phantom. Lol!)


January 31, 2007

This is a weird (I guess) coincidence. I copied and pasted passages from The Princess Bride novel on my MySpace page yesterday, and what were my results on a quiz today but --


"Death cannot stop true love.
All it can do is delay it for a while."

I’m sure this isn’t the case, but I like to think it’s a message from Patrick. I’ve been feeling frustrated with him lately for not letting me know he’s around via dreams, taps on the walls, turning off my fan, etc.

Of course, it may be just a coincidence. I DO believe that not all coincidences are messages.

Note: A couple days later guess what movie aired twice in a row on tv.




Another friend and I were discussing past lives (not in depth), and the next day she started reading another book of hers b/c the audio book she wanted to listen to on her way to work she didn’t have. So she picked up “Remembrance” by Jude Devereaux. She asked if I’d ever read it and said she thought it a little strange that it was about a past life.

It just so turns out that I bought the book a long time ago but hadn’t read it yet. I read the blurb on the back and laughed. It said the heroine is a writer who can't stop thinking about a hero she created for one of her books, and it turns out her "made up" hero is someone who really exists. He's her soulmate from a past life.

And well... my latest book I'm writing right now is inspired and loosely based on Patrick, whom I'm pretty sure is my twin flame/soulmate. Also, the heroine in my book thinks she made up the man that's been in her dreams since her childhood. So that echoes that "Remembrance" book as well. It’s also funny that the female lead in my book has the exact same last name as Jude Deveraux. Photobucket

I think Patrick was communicating to me through her again. He does this when I'm not listening to him, I think. I analyze everything to their eventual deaths and don't believe in signs as readily as most people, so I think he understands that the only thing I really DO take notice of are coincidences and synchronicities. That "Remembrance" book coupled with my own "Remember Me" coincidences lately (dreams, etc) are just one example of that. And I often run into signs through the books I read. It's happened with at least 3 or 4 books so far.

By the way... the book I'm currently reading is "A Garden in the Rain" by Lynn Kurland. Turns out the hero's name is Patrick. Also, this book is the sequel to one about his older brother, Jamie, which I've already read. That book was one of the stories that had a few signs/coincidences for me. And in the one I'm reading now, Jamie is obsessed with self-help psychology books. And well... in the book I'm writing right now the heroine's best friend DOES THE SAME THING! Her husband is a psychiatrist, so she's always nosing through his psychology textbooks trying to digest everything she can. She thinks she's an expert because of it.


Heard his voice for the 2nd time:

While reading "Remembrance" in my room, I heard a man's voice. It said "Becky... Becky." (Guess my name really was Becky, like my sister and aunt said). It sounded almost electronic. I don't know how to describe it.

The timing was really strange, I thought. I thought it strange because I'd just read a small mention about rabbits... which Patrick has brought up a couple times...and being rescued from dragons... just like a little 'fairytale' snippet I put in the book I'm writing now. I especially thought it weird that the book I happened to be reading when I hear Patrick's voice was that "Remembrance" book.

Then I remembered how I'd recently told Patrick that I would like it if he'd start talking to me. Lol! I guess he was listening after all.



Last week another friend of mine mentioned in an email that she had her first dream about a ghost. She said in this dream she was talking to a ghost named “Patricia” at her friend’s old house. Then, when driving, the ghost was in the backseat of her car talking to her. They were just chatting back and forth as she drove.

Well I thought that really weird because just the day before, when Mom and I were driving home, I asked her if she ever thinks spirits ever hang out with us when we go driving someplace. Like if they’re in the backseat listening to us while we’re chatting back and forth.

So I think her dream matching my question to Mom was my answer. I also find it a little odd that the ghost in her dream was PATRICia, which is awfully close to PATRICk.


I’ve been perusing a Writer’s Board lately and have stumbled upon a couple coincidences that are interesting:

- There’s a character in my new story whom I was having a lot of trouble getting to “know,” but what I did know was that he had a classic, Jimmy Stewart-like quality about him. Well, on this writers board there’s a thread where they’re talking about Jimmy Stewart and his movies.

- There’s a scene in my book where “All out of Love” by Air Supply is mentioned. But I’ve been a little upset lately because I discovered that I can’t use lyrics from any songs in my novel. Well, on this writers board there was a thread about what your favorite song lyrics are. The person that posted directly after me only typed “I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you.” Lol!

I’m also ALWAYS hearing that commercial on tv where they’re playing that song. The first time I heard that commercial was the day I put that song in my book. Right after I mentioned that song to my mother that evening, that “All out of Love” commercial came on the television.


(This happened the same week as the coincidences mentioned above)


A friend emailed me, and she kept bringing up French dialogue. Just a line here and there. She said she didn’t know WHY she was doing that either, as her French was rusty because she hadn’t spoken it since High School. But her speaking French and “not knowing why” made sense to me. Lol! (This is the same person I mentioned before who had that dream about speaking with a ghost in the car. Her dream answered a question that I had been wondering about just the day before, regarding Patrick. She’s also the one I mentioned in the “Remembrance” post).

Part of my email reply to her is below:

- Last night I discovered that my main character's last name is not English as I thought, but French. So last night I was looking up English surnames, then changed those passages in my story. But THEN I stumbled on another site which said "Deveraux" IS English, so I changed everything back.

But today it bugged me that most of the sites (which were few) say Devereaux is French, so I decided to B.S. my way out of it by making up some silly reason why Iain calls his wife a Sassenach.

Also, earlier today I decided to take a thirty-minute break from writing and editing. I hadn't eaten all day, so I made a little snack and watched an episode of “Reba.” Well, one of the characters kept talking fru-fru FRENCH in this episode.

And then I read your email today where you're speaking French, and don't know why. Lol! Too, too funny and just plain weird.


What’s in a Name?

What I find really odd is that one of my evp's sounds like my mother, who is saying-- “Who’s Patrick?“ This evp was recorded in the year 2000 and it wasn't until 2004 that I discovered the evp.

Furthermore, it wasn't until 2003 (and confirmed a year later), that I even found out Patrick's name.

Another strange thing is that I had an evp that said – “I miss you, my lady. My Becky.” I kept this to myself for days b/c I wanted to be certain that’s what it was saying. Then one day I stumbled into an old journal entry where my sister said she thought my name in that life was some Gaelic or Celtic form of “Becky.” (Something I had completely forgotten about).

Now, this was BEFORE I even captured the evp. I had originally brushed her thought aside at the time b/c I found “Becky” to be Hebrew, but then someone directed me to a Names website which said Becky was on the top 100 Celtic names list of the Renaissance. Also strange is that one of the characters in my first books is named Rebecca/Becky. Maybe the truth IS in the details.


Corny Poetry
I found 3 or 4 stupid poems that I wrote in High School recently. (I don’t even read poetry, so it’s strange that I wrote a few back then). No one even knows I did that – thank goodness. Anyway, one of them was corny as Hell, but the theme was awfully strange. It definitely echoed Patrick, even though I know I wasn’t picturing him at all at the time. Patrick was pretty much just “the ghost” to me back then.

We were on a beach when I asked the man in this poem to promise me that he’d never be out of my reach, even for one second. He always answered with “I’ll never be far.” Then we looked up at the sky, and a dark cloud obscured the moon. I looked back at him and a shadow was cast across his face, and he was gone. Disappeared. I reached for his hand but all I felt was empty air and how lonely I was. Then the stars were staring all glassy-eyed at me and I said I was going to search for him even if it took forever, and that we were destined to be together… blah blah blah. You know, just corny stuff. Then I felt a hand on my hair, but I guessed it was only the wind since there was no one there. But then I heard his voice and he said, again, “I’ll never be far,” and I felt him kiss my cheek. Next thing I know I look up and realize I’m back in my bedroom, staring up at the ceiling. It was such a corny poem, but I’m amazed at how it could easily echo Patrick watching over me – Patrick, who is “not very far away.” I was so shocked when I came across that. There was another one I wrote which echoed what my friend told me, too. (Him watching me when I wasn’t aware that he was. Us desperately wanting to be together, but circumstances not allowing it).


Castle Music Box

- For MONTHS I (ever the skeptic) kept asking Patrick to play my Camelot music box for me. Months breezed by and nothing happened. But then one day I was cleaning my bedroom when the very last thing I dusted was my music box. DIRECTLY after I did that I decided to check my email, and what did I see but a message from my friend. She said that Patrick was around her again, and that the very first thing he showed her was a music box with a horse that was like a carousel. The music box was playing music, she said, and the horses on it moved in a circle. That completely blew me away b/c...

1). I had JUST finished dusting that darn music box.

2). I NEVER breathed a word to her that every night – for months – I had been asking Patrick to play my music box.

3). When my music box plays, the couple on the horse moves around the castle just like a carousel.


Come Back To Me

That phrase has followed me all my life via Patrick dreams, movies, etc. I even titled my book "Come Back To Me." Well now there's a new song by David Cook with that title, and those lyrics could be the theme song for my book easily. It's kind of strange.

But these specific lyrics are interesting:

"Take your time I won't go anywhere
Picture you with the wind in your hair
I'll keep your things right where you left them
I'll be here for you"

It was odd b/c in a fun quiz a long time ago I was asked "What would you want God to say to you when you enter the Pearly Gates?" My answer was this exactly:

"Welcome Home, Kristin. Your charming little cottage and treasured belongings are just as you left them. Patrick took good care of them while you were away. Now go on and have some fun."

So I guess that's another coincidence somewhat.


Not sure if this is anything:

- I just watched Rachel McAdams in The Time Traveler's Wife Wife, only to see Mom watching another movie of hers downstairs.

- She was playing a character named BECKY.

- PAST LIVES are mentioned in passing. (This was the first line I heard from the movie when I entered the room; the name "Becky" and past lives).

- The leading male in this movie that Mom is watching is PATRICK Wilson, who played Raoul in my favorite movie of all time..... Phantom of the Opera. (And Patrick has sent POTO signs/a gift before).


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