Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Possible Message

Well, a long time ago it was almost a possible message anyway. I came across a really old PM from someone, which I never posted on my site. It isn't a biggie, but since it's Patrick-related, here it is:

Patrick is your resident ghost/spirit, right? I had a dream recently and the name Patrick was said to me very clearly and I've been trying to figure out who Patrick was, and where I had heard of Patrick before. I think this might be the same Patrick. I don't even know what the dream was about now. I just remember the name very clearly. Very interesting!


A Reading
Someone wanted to practice their reading skills, so one day I finally volunteered. They got the name of my lead character of my book right: Emily. Some things were a little off, but for the most part they were bang on and I don't think I even had my website listed on that forum, so she couldn't have gotten the information there. (I think I had it listed for a while, but later took it off). The only thing that confuses me is the time period she said Patrick came from. She also made it sound like Patrick was just a guardian... which he probaly is but then what of the other readings and all those coincidences and synchronicities and dreams? She also mentioned his children, which my aunt even spoke of.

Here's part of her reading:

His name was "Patrick." A childhood guardian. :) Nothing to fear at all.He is nothing to fear. When I ask my guide, I hear he is an ancestor on your father's side. He hasn't moved on and is the type of spirit that tends to hang around and observe. His plane of existence is like a veil between you and him. He is on one side and you the oter. He is close to the veil, where some spirits move on to other planes of existence. Other people have their theories, but this is mine. :) Please come back if you find out more. I keep thinking Patrick is from the civil war era. He lost his children... this is what I am getting. Hmm.


Tarot Reading

After speaking to a woman who did a tarot card reading on me (this was on a Gerry Butler website if you can believe that) which was just a general reading but ended up being about Patrick and the mystery more or less being at sort of an end, I mentioned my ’Target’ Dream (listed on this website) to her just in passing. Well, when checking my email a few minutes later there was a Target ad flashing at the top of the screen.

By the way, her reading mentioned --- “It looks like you are making a decision to leave something behind... looks like it will be over finally, and it looks like it involves a man. This is a huge decision and it has spiritual overtones to it.”

She also drew the King of Swords, which is a card Patrick showed my friend a few months later. (I’ve always seen that as confirmation that his personality is like the King of Swords).


Reminder to Self:
I just really feel the need to be reminded of this every once in a while. It's a very wise message someone (a very sweet lady whom shall remain nameless for privacy's sake) shared with me a while back. Seriously, I need to tape this to my bathroom mirror or something. :p

Ok. Deep breath here. I have a message for you and unless I buck up my courage and send it off, I'm going to keep getting this buzzing little nudges from my Guide, and I'm not going to get any work done that way. Please don't think I'm crazy. LOL. I'm so not used to doing this. I'm supposed to tell you that there are no coincidences. That everything that you notice and stumble across and experience is there for a reason, and that reason is to make you see. To understand. Your Patrick... he is there watching over you, yes, but you aren't to focus on the bittersweet knowledge that he hasn't come back for you. You are analytical and you doubt by nature {as do I, but I'm getting better about this}, and yet you are deeply intuitive but keep downplaying that part of yourself, and you need to stop. You need to get past that skepticism and go with what you feel, what you know deep inside. The world will make more sense to you if you do. You don't need a medium to understand. The truth is there inside you. You need to feel, to know, to **BELIEVE**, and you will have the answers that you seek. Society tells us none of this exists, and yet those of us who have a deeper connection... we have been given this glimpse into eternity for a reason. Don't squander it with doubt. Feel. Believe. And know the truth.Also, have you written a manuscript surrounding Patrick? I get the feeling that if you do so, much of the truth will come out.
P.S. I believe you are astral traveling through your dreams at times.


And this is in response to my reply:

Maybe... just maybe... the next time that you recognize yourself brushing something off as coincidence, you can purposely set that doubt aside, just for the moment, and acknowledge the thought/feeling/vision. Just say, "Hello, I see you. Thank you." Acknowledge it, file it away... but don't dismiss it as nothing. Just try to stay open to the possibility. I also wonder if Patrick isn't acting more as a spirit guide for you in this lifetime. He seems to be doing his darnedest to get your attention and to help you to see and believe in him, but also to just believe in general. His spirit doesn't seem to be coming through to contact you solely to remind you of your past relationship with him {for what would be the point? If he had truly learned everything he had to learn, enough not to reincarnate, he would have evolved past the earthly concerns. He must have a larger purpose than that...}I believe in twin flames, and in soul mates. In fact, I feel that I have one that I have remembered but am not with currently as well... and I think that idea would probably upset my husband. But then, we have other things that have tied us to each other. I probably sound very accepting of this... but it's been a lifetime in coming to terms with it, and I am only now embracing it fully. I still have my skeptical moments, but I have learned so much through speaking with others who are also sensitive. You, my dear, have ability. I can feel it, even through online contact. I do think that you push it away **because** you don't want to think of yourself as gullible. Again, me too. But it is a limitation you have set for yourself, and while you may think of it as your nature, you can overcome it.


But Which Book?

My aunt told me on Facebook that she had a dream about me. I got sick, and didn't get to ask her until last night what her dream was.

Here is her reply:

YES, my dream was very sweet. We were talking about a book you wanted to write and I told you Patrick says write the book! Then I woke up. That is when I told you he was back. Are you thinking about writing? OR are you writing? If so, finish it. ha!


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